Tower of God: Season 2 Ch. 64 – 30F – One Shot, One Opportunity (07)


More ToG… can’t wait for Baam to be a boss next week.
Just end the arc, I want a break!  lol


~ GoDai, Trebor, Grumpy, Fembot, CrazyRed ~

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Chapter 64
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15 Responses

  1. At the end when Baam says “Do I have to do it..?” I was like awwww s**t you gunna get rolled.

  2. There is a slight error when Baam shout Mr. yuto
    Yuto is most likely to be a female.
    1st she has long hair
    2nd she gets shy when baam asks for her robe..
    Still we dont know exactly whether Yuto is a she or he

    O secondly i hope u guys translate it yuto ssi as it is.
    Even when japanese comics are translated they still
    Keep -san which is what is ssi in korean

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