Zippy Ziggy in Vietnamese

Looking for ZZ in Vietnamese? Then go to blogtruyen.

I found out that they had linked to me as their source. So, I found them and I’m now pointing to them for anyone who’s looking for it. 🙂

Also, if anyone else is using mine to re-translate, leave a note and I’ll try to link to you. Unless you’re ripping credits off… then you can fuck off. kthxbai.

(Credits just needs to appear SOMEWHERE, creds page does not need to be intact [for my stuff only])

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  1. About hundred thousand Vietnameses enjoyed this manhwa and looking for a new chapter released everyday. But we’re not good in english, So plz let any vietnamese re-translate this manhwa for us !!! We really love it ^^!
    Thank you for your great job !!!

    1. hi i saw your comment below, my name is eva, im a eng-viet fluent speaker (also a fan of manhwa) i would love to help out, but really dont know how?

    1. Actually, blogtruyen is already in compliance because you linked and named me on the page. I of course don’t mind more credit. lol There’s also ways of proper (appreciated) crediting guidelines in the about page. But I wish it wasn’t labeled “Grumpyland”…
      Just that most other scanlation groups are not this lenient.

  2. Thanks Grumpy about Zippy Ziggy ^^.

    I like background of this site, can you send me a background ^^.

  3. I saw on the previous comment section that you were buying the raws yourself. There are some raws of zippy zaggy on raw distro.

    They have volume 5, 6, and 9 for Zippy Zaggy so I hope that helps out somewhat.

      1. hi, umm well, i’m re-translate ziggy zyppy from your work, but i cant fine the chapters 1-29, i would be gratefulif u can help me with that, and off course i resptec the your’s credit

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