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As anyone who’s been visiting might have noticed, I often put a lot of download options. And I’m gonna go thru pro/cons of each ones. Why? Because I uploaded it to several places and no one uses some of them (despite large number of downloads…). And frankly, I hate my effort going to waste. Rather than doing less effort, I’m gonna educate people to try things. Why? Because I freaking feel like it.

Grumpyland – My own. Direct download at high speed. Problem… I don’t actually want you to use it. lol My own bandwidth is something I should watch. But if use it if u need it…
2shared – I’ve always gotten high speed from here. So it’s very good and no wait. But the button you are looking for is a tiny little text at the bottom. First time users unfriendly. Also, has no logins, thus minimal file mgt.
4shared – Short wait, 10 or 20 seconds depends on their server load. Usually high speeds. I don’t know if 2shared and 4shared are same company, but I suspect it so.
Megaupload – 45s wait / 25 if login. Generally good speeds and often reliable. Their reward system requires ridiculously high downloads, so it’s good as does not exist.
Mediafire – Often crowd favorite. Short wait, though it pretends like it has no wait b/c there’s no counter. But there is!!!
Depositfiles – Has a reasonable reward system. But wait time is long (60s) and redownload is disasterous. Generally slow down (under 100kb/s) too… I don’t upload here, but if linking to other scanlators’ downloads, may appear.
Rapidshare – The most famous. And one of the worst… Slow down and long (60s) wait. Redownload is also disasterous. Reward system that isn’t encouraging. May appear if linking to others’.
Uploading – The worst download place I have seen (of that actually works). Very slow down (under 50kb/s) and long waits. Redownload is not going to happen. Reward system offers most money however. So, some use it. I NEVER will.

So… I earn ~$0 regardless of which one you use, so I probably shouldn’t care. But try the good ones. 😛

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  1. Is megaupload really 60 sec/ 30 sec? In my country it’s only 45 sec / 25 sec.
    I just want to notice you that there are other free file host avaible( and better).
    For example I posted a file on some good free file host:

    This is a good one, only 10 sec wait and maximum up to 500 kbps downloadspeed for free users(depends on location)and don’t forget the payment up to €30 (~$35) for 1000 downloads( excluding tax of 19%). Note: this free file host operates in the save country of Switserland. It also pays worldwide.

    Another one:

    20 sec wait, pays lower than, pays worldwide, operates in Germany.

    Another one:

    60 sec or 30 sec waiting time, pays up to $30, no costs, operates in Belize( some damn small country south east of Mexico), no minimum payment amount required and pays the paypal costs.
    Problem on this site: files stay only alive for 15 days without downloads.

    I prefer as best one.

  2. I believe most people wouldn’t mind using Depositfiles or Uploading, if that means they’re supporting the scanlators directly… On the other hand I absolutely abhor those reuploaders on forums who use those kinds of reward links … Just my two cents.

    1. The problem with deposit files and uploading is that they don’t work, most of the time depositfiles gives always download slots are full, downloading isn’t possible at the moment( this is really annoying), and uploading is even worse, the download starts but around 45 to 98% just quit downloading, this is really frustrating. They can better use free file hosts that also provide good service outside USA.

  3. If I see a MU of MF link I almost always use those. Fastest free service (I think) and MF even lets you download multiple things at once (unless they changed it recently).

    But if there’s one that the scanlators prefer I’d use it. So long as it isn’t sharecash!

  4. Yea… using DF/Uploading isn’t that bad for things like mangas since they’re usually under 10mb. But for downloading videos… ugh… I wish they’d use something else.

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