Zippy Ziggy, Ch30: Approaching Nightmares

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Korean Lessons!!

Ok, since I didn’t really explain some words inside the manhwa…

Sunbae: Someone who comes before you (JP: Senpai). Like who’s in higher grade than you (senior).
Opposite of Sunbae. So, someone who comes after you.
-ssi: Honorific, general usage.
-nim: Honorific, someone higher than you.
Hyung: Older guy/brother. But sometimes can also be used without gender.

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  1. yay, thanks for this hilarious chapter 😀 what better way to start my day than to lmao with zippy ziggy^^

    1. Uh… I’m not sure what to do with it. xD
      And you spelt typesetter wrong in the credits. lol… And some colors are in png and b/w is in jpg… You should try the opposite. xD

      I suppose I should edit my ch28 article and point to your comment (here).

  2. Thanks for the release Grumpy.
    If you need someone to do some editing/cleaning for you, lemme know. Send me a test page or something anytime. I’d be more than happy to help if I can.

  3. I love Zippy Ziggy and I think you’ve done a fabulous job of translating it! ^_^

    I was wondering if I might request a zip file of the entire translations up to date, volumes 1-5, for sharing at FreeMangaLJ as well as for my personal library?


    1. I was not responsible for translating anything before chapter 27 for ZZ. So, I cannot provide them. And when I do TS myself, I tend to neglect making separate TL files, so…. you’re gonna have to rip them off the images. 🙁

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