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  1. Thank you for release, but it good only online read not download.Please back to old format

      1. Thats bad?I must imp every images, because they all small.In chapters 1 and 2 images big and this good to images soft.You can have images soft, but if images small that you can do? you must imp every image and this very bad.Please do all images how was in chapters 1,2.Please!!!

        1. I’m having difficulty understanding you. But it sounds like you’re viewing the images which are zoomed out. View them at the default resolution for the image. The images are not small, but VERY big right now.

          I suggest using CDisplayEx (http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdisplayex/) to view your mangas. It will by default, not zoom your images.

  2. Mr Grumpy thanks a lot for this, i really like tower of god, ohh and the current format (non-splitting images or the original way ahha) is way better, its more dinamic and the action is easier to follow.

    Thanks a lot once again

    1. If people like this better like this, I’ll keep it this way. Frankly, it’s less work for me too. And both mangatoshokan and mangafox has no problems with extra long images. Who knows how others handle it tho…

  3. thank you very much ^^

    hmm… I have a question please (maybe you can help), I buy a manhwa on NAVER, but I just can read it online… I’d like to register it on my computer

    is it possible please ?

    thank you

    1. Naver does not allow you to save purchasable manhwas to your computer, and the same goes for pretty much any paying online reader since they don’t want you to steal their things. It doesn’t necessarily stop all possible methods but since this isn’t really a pirating site, so I’m not going explain how to do it.

      1. oh, I see.

        I’m a little disappointed (I understand they are afraid people steal their manhwa but everybody are not like that…) I bought many chapter to read it quietly on my computer (I learn Korean step by step).Online, it’s not practical. It’s a waste… (cry cry xd)

        thank you very much for your answer dear ^^

        I’ll try to find another solution ^^

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