Tower of God, Ch2

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Positions: Cleaner FILLED | QC: FILLED

Chapter 2~ & Webtoon reader is made and somewhat polished. 🙂 Try it out.

As mentioned in the creds page, recruiting anyone willing to clean or qc for this manhwa. Just post here as comment or PM me (you need to register to PM). Thanks.

Please use the read online option by if you wish to read it in the way it was meant to be read.

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8 Responses

  1. What’s up, bro? Just wanted to let ya know I appreciate the release – it’s pretty good manhwa. So glad to see it get translated. Also wanted to let ya know that if you were still looking I’d be up for the Quality Checker job. I’d be new to it, but if ya gave me some patience – I’m sure I could also try out cleaning the pages too. But no guarantees on that part. Sadly.

    So if ya’d like the help of a newbie in the scanlation scene I’d be happy to help. Just thought I’d put the option out there for ya.

    If ya ever need to do so for whatever reason – you can contact me at –email removed–

  2. I’m up for the QC job (maybe a little cleaning too).
    I cleaned ch 21 of Manhole for Illuminati-Manga.
    Quit cleaning because of RL time constraints but I have enough time to do some grammar and spell checking and such. Hit me up if you need me.

    –email removed–

  3. Thanks for apps guys, I’ve sent out emails and removed your email addresses from your post for possible spam protection (if it’s not too late already).

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