Tower of God: Season 2 Ch.29 – 21F – Flower of Zygaena (01)

Well, Niiw wasn’t available this week, or Crazy.
Double sub & seems Treb was quite busy with life.
Sorry for being bit slower than usual.
Also had to skip some SFX for sake of
meeting deadlines (before next raw).

It’s been a while since I made credit page. hehe
I think it’s been lacking some classy Georgia.



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Season 2, Ch 29

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      1. Yeah its an underling. SIU said its an idiot among idiots. Urek may be considered foolish by some for leading a revolutionary group against Zahard’s government but he is no idiot. Otherwise why would a high ratio of high rankers joint him? Much less he is not the stupidest of the stupid. Its probably just some underling ranker that was stupid enough to get eaten by the whale. lol.

  1. Well… even though it was a little saddening that ToG was released later than usual, thanks for the hard work! Keep up the good work!

  2. the SFX should be left always the original, with a small translation or something next to them…. to me, they are very particular of the author, and substuting them is the same as changing Baam’s face, for example…. i just dont appreciate it

  3. ‘What the clink is wrong with this chapter? >_>’ I love how Grumpy didn’t take out my random TS 😀

  4. Hey We can now almost estimate the population of the tower. There are 100,000 rankers including 1000 highrankers. SIU stated that the chances of becoming a regular are less than the chances of winning the lottery. I don’t know what the chances of winning in Korea are but in America its between 18-120million to 1. So all we got to do is multiply that by the number of rankers and that would be the population of sentient beings in the tower.
    However this calculation is assuming we are not counting deaths. But if we had the rate of how many people become rankers a year than we could calculate the population in the tower.
    But if its even less than the chances of winning the lottery than those deaths don’t matter. Its got to be a pretty big population. Although each floor is the size of North America I question if such a population is possible on the ammount of land they have.

    1. 12 Trillions of people?! XD

      I think may be its possible; I don’t really know but I do hate the idea of “impossible”. ;3

      1. Yeah its gotta be really high. Otherwise how could there be so many rankers if the chances are EVEN LESS than winning the lottery. Does the tower have enough space for trillions of people? Plus all the organisms?

        The current popluation of North America is about 500,000,000 so multiply that by 135 floors and you get about 70 billion people in the tower if it were real life.
        12 trillion is a lot more people in that space. Divied by 135 floors gives you 88 billion people per floor.
        The only explanation how they could sustain such a population…Magic.

        1. That’s not even considering the fact that the shinsoo is much more dense on higher floors, meaning that not everyone can live there comfortably, or at all! The bottom and mid-level of the tower must be packed.

          Also, he did say that a floor of the tower was the size of North America on average. The lower floors are probably much bigger. If it’s a ‘tower’ in any sense of the word as we know it, that would make sense.

          1. How ever I believe SIU said there were people outside of the towers inner circle… The inner circle is the part you climb. It’s when Ro is talking to baam after the forcefield test… If I remember correctly.

          2. Yea imo, the part that’s the size of north america is the center where they climb, but the outside tower where normal people live is probably much bigger.

  5. how do i listen to the SFX? i know they arent in this one but ive heard of them before but have never heard them in the comic. any help?

  6. They should make an mmorpg of this, and pasing levels floors, that would be the ultimate game,

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