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  1. Love the releases of both this and ToG, I have to say I liked ToG better at first, but Kubera just keeps dragging me deeper into it. Keep of the good work.

    1. same here, I would like to know if there is any problems for the delay this time in both Kubera and ToG?

      1. I’m guessing that they’re probably busy because of the end of summer. It’d be nice to get a rough time estimate though, so we don’t need to refresh everyday. They’ve completely spoiled us throughout the summer, so if they need a break of a few weeks now I’m sure everyone will understand.

  2. So. That site we all know has reached a new low:

    “XX supports scanlators unlike large aggregator sites such as Batoto. Get the money you deserve for your hard work!”


    At least it seems some networks don’t allow the access to their page anymore.

  3. Yeah. -_- The way it was worded (the announcement was a bit longer) seemed to imply they wanted to share the ad revenues, not give them all to the scanlators.
    I’m not against scanlator groups getting some money for server costs, but scanlating must be a hobby, not something profitable, for scanlations to continue to exist.

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