Kubera Ch100

Here it is, the chapter you’ve all been waiting for! This concludes both the current arc and season 1! 😀 All that’s left is the Season 1 review chapter, and then season 2 will start! Enjoy, everyone (and thank you for your patience, as always!).

~ Rin, Trebor, Kroll, Fembot ~

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10 Responses

  1. Woo, was a long wait, kind of a disappointing end to season 1. Hope season 2 starts with a bang

  2. Yaaaay! Thank you SO much for bringing us the whole Season 1 of Kubera. Since over half a year ago, you’ve all been working hard on this series to catch up, and now you’ve finally made it to the end of Season 1. This calls for celebrations!

    I have no idea how you’re going to scanlate that Season 1 review trailer though. Ack, good luck on that, it looks like hell to scanlate. Don’t waste too much time on it. x’D

    Season 2! Season 2!

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