Tower of God: Season 2 Ch 14 – 20F – The Untrustworthy Room (04)

I hope there’s some real action again soon…. Well, please enjoy nonetheless.

This’ll probably be the last chapter, which I (mhh) typeset for a while, since Crazy is supposed to be back next week.  🙂

– Chestnut, Niiw, mhh, Trebor, Grumpy –

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Season 2, Ch 14

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  2. It occured to me, all of the plans regulars make are centered around everyone else being just as immersed in the rules and bureaucracy as they are, taking the games and floor levels just as seriously as they do.

    At least half the reason Viole is pissing so many people off this arc is because he’s ignoring them and doing his own thing. I’m getting the feeling there’s a moral lesson to the Tower that almost everyone there is totally missing the point of.

    Also, Akraptor is a more and more likeable character and I hope SIU gets out of his funk and feels better.

    1. Of course there is a moral like in each manga or manhwa … Make yourself friends and be a better man!!!

    2. And probaply: always give all you have before giving up! if you are only getting a feeling that everyone has missed then maybe it’s because you are too smart to see simple things.
      or there’s moral, only wild imaginations

    1. Maybe someone from The Company should delete these kinds of troll comments?!… Just a suggestion…

      1. Yeah, I was trying to play the voice of reason and ruin his fun. Did it work? we may never know

      2. What do mean delete these comments. If these comments are deleted how will I ever find porn on the internet.

  3. I like how the “tough guys” immediately crap their pants as soon as viole is seen on the horizon

    1. I liked the look on Princes face when Rapedevil got slaughtered. Also, i am curious if Viole took a “pit-stop” break in his room and unleashed hell on him and then strutted through the coridors. Another awesome chapter, cant wait to see the fight 🙂

    1. Of course it look like a pokeball. Pokemon is one of the most successful comic/anime/games ever it has had an impact on many artists (the only thing more influential is Mcdonalds. So a lot of manga, anime, and games reference it in many cultures

  4. Awesome chapter! Art looked great this chapter, kyaa~~ i can’t wait for the next chapter!!

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