Space China Dress 1.4

Well, here is the very very belated Space China Dress chapter 4!!!
Believe it or not, we initially had this scheduled for Christmas release… Yes, of last year. Then was pushed for new years and I guess march 1st of no special day now.
In my defense… after you actually read this, SOUND EFFECTS!!! OMG!!! SFX is like 99% of the work in this freaking comic. I don’t think we’re gonna do sfx like this anymore. Sorry for those who like it… It’s just not viable for us, time-wise to do something like this.

Hope you enjoy it. This is the end of vol 1. We’ll release the 4 page omake sometime soonish. I hope.


———— Scanlation has been removed @ the author’s request ————-

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  1. Really awesome, I really like this series and hope you guys will update it more from now on! 🙂 I really don’t care much about the SFX, I don’t think it adds that much more enjoyment to the whole work…

    So, thanks, thanks a lot for this release!

    1. I like it too. I read all 3 volumes, and rest of the chaps on magazine too. lol
      (lies). I only bought them. Not read yet. Well… read some of it…

  2. I’m a big fan of this manga! I also don’t really think the SFX change much in this manga… If you wanted to, you guys could put the sfx translation under each frame, which might be simpler? Or just do away with it all together, as SFX don’t really affect the reading much.

  3. I really like this too. The main character is really feisty, and the male character makes me laugh. Thanks for bringing this to us! 😀

  4. “I’m the front runner!” I totally need that panel on a t-shirt!

    Thanks for the translation!
    I agree with others, don’t bother with the sfx, just keep ’em coming!

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