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  1. That was awesome and I can’t wait till the next chapter comes out. I need to know what that red skelton things is. B)

  2. OMG its here!!! Thanks!!!! Is it wrong that i anticipate more from this than the big 3?

  3. Seems they need a masterball to stop him.

    Thx for the chapter cant wait for the next 1.

  4. anyone else think it was odd? when prince thought skeleton, it was a really random word at that time.

    1. yep pokeballs and susano. I think the shinsoo bombs don’t affect Baam because its shinsoo which Baam is resistant to. Maybe Baam is possessed and those bomb’s affect the thing that’s possessing him.

      1. I bet you’re right. Looks like an FUG possession bug to me. Maybe they’re freeing Baam from FUG control.

  5. Pokeballs! Last thing I’d expect to see here, lol. The scary red creature thing is making for a good cliffhanger.

    1. Silly Skeleton Prince, everyone knows ultraballs suck at catching legendarys and great balls tend to work better for some odd reason.

  6. It seems FUG did some modifications to Baam, as his shinsoo is blue/black and skelly is red, same color as FUG symbol. Might be a coincidence or some epic badass training. Also, maybe that chick who came to him at the end of first season has something to do with it. So far i read whole ToG 3 times and i though that first few episodes were epic, and now this arc makes it look less epic

    1. As for this arc, you really can’t compare it with so little information we have at the moment. The author already proved themselves with the awesomeness of the first part. We should allow the author the time to build on things/lay down more foundation, rather than going strait to the main plot without any explanations. I think this will allow it to be much more epic in the long run and Part 2 so far hasn’t reached the point yet where we can say “get back to the main story”.
      I also don’t think I’ve heard of one long lasting series where people havn’nt complained that the second part was better than the first. I think its because a lot of people already have want they want the series to turn out like in their head. But believe it or not authors(most anyway) already had their ideas for the series long before you. As long as the story makes sense we shouldn’t complain and put unnecessary pressure on the author.

  7. …. I think its Baam but part of me says it isn’t…. I wonder if it really is though… Is it possible it’s someone else?

    1. Now we know this guy is super resistant to shinsoo. The Skeleton guy acted like it was his strongest attack against regulars. Every chapter is making him seem more and more like Baam.Last chapter we found out he was a wave controller and being a FUG despite being a low level. Honestly I would be more surprised if it isn’t Baam. But surprises are always welcome.
      Here’s something for thought. If this guy is so resistant against shinsoo how is Baam going to fight him if Baam also uses shinsoo to attack?

      1. That is most likely Baam. If it’s not then Baam can deafeat him because there’s a huge difference between the old Baam and that guy: the old Baam did not fight alone.

  8. korea manwha trend is huge changes in main char.
    I rmb a manwha where the main char become the king of all evil on next season =/
    Baam is bad ass now but i hope he dont emo too much like sasake

    1. would be great if the skeleton thing was a bug controlling him.He was really cool in the first season just not as strong,with his new strengh and the same old personality it would be a amazing character

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