Stop IE6 and IE7

From now on, this site will block anyone who uses IE6 and 7 to visit as part of a campaign to update the freaking Internet. This is 4.34% of my visitors. And by w3 stats, it is 16.8%.

I don’t have anything against Microsoft. But the fact is, using old, insecure, non standardized browsers that ruins not only their lives but even more so for the developers…. is just too infuriating as a developer myself.

If you own websites yourself, please consider blocking or giving a surprisingly big warning message to users of old browsers. Thank You~

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  1. Yeah for windows chrome!

    Internet explorer is exceedingly painful… even my grandfather uses Firefox… and he’s pushing ninety.

  2. Excellent job on the denial page design!

    Can you share how you were able to block both IE6 and 7? I’ve found plenty of examples of blocking IE6, but not 7.

    We have a Java-based webapp we want to restrict from use on these browsers, and a redirected site like yours is exactly what I’ve been trying to create!

    1. You’re rather replying to a year old article. There’s actually no blockage of IE6/7 anymore b/c it refused to work nicely with the caching system. But there’s couple ways to do it for IE7.

      You can detect what browser from the server side. And then handle accordingly.
      Option #2 is to use IE only codes. For example, you can do…

      These are ie conditional codes only supported by IE. Everything else will just ignore it. “lte” means less than or equal to “version ie 7”. So, that’ll include IE7.

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