Zippy Ziggy vol5 ch29

Well, been a while since release. I’m not sure what’s up with ikcud… Hasn’t released anything in a while. So, I’ve just went and released this one by doing it all myself.

Scanlationย English
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I’ve noticed that I’ve resized two images incorrectly…. That’s what I get for getting too lazy to setup batch resizes… And I’ve also realized I’m far too lazy to fix them. so…. TOO BAD~~~ XD

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  1. Sweet! Thanks alot for the chapter, but I missed Shinji and the Seunghee. Looking forward the next chapter

    1. I don’t have them either. :-/
      You could…. download the raws and use my translations and make a new one and then read it. xD

  2. Awesome!! A download link!

    I made an exception to my “no online readers, ever” policy for the last few chapters of Zippy Ziggy; the next thing I knew I was behind a dumpster sucking a Tramps dink.

    Thanks for sparing me from another online reader onset hobosexuality episode.

    1. I actually could use someone to Clean (just remove text, it’s not a scan, so no actual “cleaning”) and typeset the work… It’s takes a lot of effort to make things look good, so it’s a bit time consuming for me.

      1. I could probably help you out with cleaning the raws, this series is so lol, i love it. Need me to pass some sort of test or something?

  3. thank u soooo much! I’ve waited for a log time to see the new chapter of Zippy Ziggy
    Hope that u’ll release chap 30,31,32,33 and so on as soon as possible.
    I love u :*
    love Shinghi, too :X :))

  4. @Mindflayer:
    link download chap 27, 28

    Chap 27: seem like nobody’ve uploaded it :))

    — removed by req —

  5. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We in desperate needs of some help here. If you can dedicate some of your time to Translate from JAP/CHN/KOR, please email me at ducki.duc@hotmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Sorry about the delay, I’ve been kinda busy with my social life. Anywho, I’ll try to get the next chapter released with the few days hopfully

    I can not stress myself to say this more but this series is licensed. I don’t want this series to be exposed onto any format/site. It’s one of my reasons why I haven’t released any ZIP/RAR files. Grumpy and myself paid for the raws, work on translating + editing this series for you.
    You only READ and enjoy it as a fan point of view with our efforts. We don’t want this series to be used to be morally used on a mangaviewer online base where the owners care for your viewership. Their volunteer MOD’s might have a say in it but they don’t have a input on the owners of the site.

    I hope you enjoy the chapter and if you have the time, Please comment on our New Flash reader, Is it gay? Is it Uber? have an input thanks ^^

    *To the people that Applied, I’M ONTO IT SORRY!!! I’LL EMAIL YOU ALL BY TOMORROW, I HAVE WORK ._.!*

    OH sorry I didn’t notice this
    u can del my comment which contains link download for chap 28
    Really sorry ๐Ÿ™

    1. This isn’t licensed in eng. It was… but the company (Infinity Studios) that licensed went down and under. There’s no one to bark anymore.

      and login to ur ikcud id… then u’d be able to edit post/comments yourself.

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