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      1. KeyCaptcha doesn’t show up me antyhing except the endlessly rolling wheel in all of my browsers.

        Thanks god that this site has Email for feedback and administration registered me having send me credentials by Email I can post without passing KeCaptcha

        But the main trouble is with other sites that use KeyCaptcha where I cannot neither register and post nor contact administration because contacts are not visible for unregistered visitors and contact form is protected with the same failing KeyCaptcha!

        1. @Alex
          1. Where did you find an email for feedback on this website? We are going to contact with admin to check this situation.
          2. What browsers (with full versions) did you use? We always check KeyCAPTCHA in all modern browsers. And there are no problems at all.

          Could you please confirm that Alex contacted you to register on your website?

          Best regards,
          KeyCAPTCHA Team

  1. Thank you, guys! I’m more than happy to read a story about good and interesting psychologist.

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