Tower of God: Ch78 – 2F – Epilogue -Rachel- (04) – Season 1 End –

Hwa Ryun… being a BOSS! And looking good at the same time! lol

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  1. Seriously thank you guys!
    Burger&Cola huh? Not bad, but I’m more of a Pizza&Beer kinda guy lol

  2. I really can’t wait untill the next Season starts. My biggest questions atm are what Baams connection to Zahard is (still clining on to the idea of his son, and as said before, we’ve known for a long time that Baam was probably sealed by Zahard by the mark in his cave) and if Baam gets a personality change after this.

    1. I have the same theory about him being Zahard’s son. King Zahard seems like the type that would put stability before family.

  3. Yeah can’t wait for season 2.

    Now for new hypothesis.

    My hypothesis is that Baam is actually one of the irregular’s son maybe Phantaminum.

    All we know is that Baam was kept in isolation by King Zahard and we don’t know why yet.
    source: due to the crest on the wall where Baam was kept and this chapter.

    We know by the author’s blog that Phantaminum entered the tower and slaughtered the high ranker in King Zahard kingdom. Maybe because Phantaminum slept with one of the princess, had a baby, King Zahard was furious, and killed her similar to the lizard. So Phantaminum found out and was pissed, storm the palace and Yuri stopped him (they met if you read the blog) by making a deal to raise/watch over the son or told him that Baam is still alive (chances of raising/watching is 0%). Then he left without killing them because one day he would like to meet Baam so he will stay hidden until they meet(?)

    But King Zahard feared that his life will end with Baam so he imprisoned him because when Baam finds out that he killed his mom, Baam will want revenge.

    So the next question is why is Rachel with Baam? She’s not an irregular or regular (some of you will argue but come on she’s way to weak. She could just be a normal person living in the tower just like regulars and irregulars living in the tower. So she’s normal, and to satisfy all of the other people reading this, also an irregular because of Baam). She could be a maid/nanny sent by someone possibly King Zahard, just to look after him to make sure his powers don’t develop, which then time passes they built a tight relationship with each other. Share secrets, dreams etc… But she still got too greedy and wanted to see the stars so she used Baam to get in the tower.

    Fast Forward… although Rachel was still jealous that he can get in and she can’t. Guilt built up knowing that Baam still cherished her and all she did was put Baam in danger by making him enter the tower. So a last attempt to protect Baam from the Zahard family she pushed him out of the bubble to protect him by faking his death.

    If you read all that Thank you so much, and remember I said it first on the best place to be ~The Company~ .


  4. If Rachel is the irregular, and Baam a regular… why was he allowed to talk to the guardian of the floor as an “irregular”??? I just recalled that… I think that that rule may be fake… what do you guys think?

    And I can’t wait for season 2 too!!! >_<
    awesome serie idd!!!
    thnx company!!!

    1. Baam is an irregular. The guardian calls him ‘one who opened the door himself’. Rachel seems to be an irregular as well, though her situation is a bit unclear.

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  6. Hmm so Baam injured the one who ends up as his ally/guide when he tried to protect the one who ended up betraying him. She doesnt seem to care about her lost eye much though.

    I’m guessing that the shortie who is Yuri’s guide was surprised because he knew her (she is a guide too). Maybe she’s famous in the “guide world”.

    I doubt that Phantaminum is related to Baam. It seems more like he’s related to the Zahard family in some way (possibly Zahard’s son, or the son of a Zahard Princess). He may also be an artificial life, created from shinsoo by someone powerful. who knows. I’m curious about one thing though : what is the faction protecting Baam ? What are their goals ?

  7. Thanks for ch 78 and for bringing us Season 1, Company. So… I’m not asking when the next installment will be coming out. Nope. Not asking…

  8. Hell man that was some chapter, it begged more question than it answered, love the new look of Baam for a guy pacifism tendency is effeminating. Think Baam is gonna try nd learn advance wave controlling from the red hair nd Lero Ro along with Quaint will join the walhaiksong

    we have been dazzled by baams appearance so much that no one is appreciating Lero Ro this chap:(

    ANY IDEA how long the hiatus will be?did the author release any notes in his blog ?

  9. My guess is Baam is a life created by shinsoo. When he tried to protect Lahel and end up hurting Hwa Ryun, they say that something impossible happen, the shinsoo attacked by himself.
    We know that Enryuu can create life by shinsoo, and that Headon is looking for him with avidity. And we have to remember that all of this is orchestrated by Headon. So my guess is Baam was created by Enryuu and for some reason imprisoned by Zahard and now Headon is usinh him to find Enryuu.

    Awesome chapter anyway, it will be difficult to wait for the next season.

  10. My guess is that Baam IS Phantaminum himself. Probably defeated in some weird way and imrisoned (maybe cause they couldn`t kill him or needed him).

    The main hint is – Yuri-hime. It was said that she had some kind of unique relationship with Phantaminum, and we see her interacting with Baam proactively, helping him, even lending super weapon, as if she knew a lot about him and knew he was no small figure.

    Also Phantaminum had some strange and undescribable powers, which again takes us to Baam and his unique abilities.
    And of course – the fact that Phantaminum dissappeared and nobody saw him after he entered Zahard lair.
    Also that would explain why Zahard family would be interested n Baam to begin with.

    So i think that Baam is Phantaminum, who lost his memories (sealed probably, maybe along with his powers whatever they are).

  11. The tower existed before the king (who was the first irregular)

    Baam was kept under the tower (or somewhere at it’s foundation)

    Maybe the tower (and it’s guardians)created baam to bring it’s ways back from the corrupted path it has taken.

  12. Doubts on theories:

    I. Baam is Phantaminum and that’s why Yuri helps Baam.
    If Baam is Phantaminum and Yuri knows him, why is her reaction is:

    “What the… At a glance he looks completly ordinary… I thought a monster like Urek was going to come in – rather quite disappointing.
    (See Chapter 2)

    Baam’s abilities are not undesribable. His abilities lie in shinsoo control and he has a great talent in it. That’s all so far.

    II. Enryuu can create life with shinsoo.

    I only saw Lero Ro mentioning someone who can create life with shinsoo and that was Urek. (See Chapter 11)

    III. Baam is a son of Zahard/an irregular/a Zahard’s princess.

    What is the difference of being an irregular or being the son of an irregular?
    An irregular is a powerhouse itself and this is the point why everybody fears them not because of their relationships.

    IV. Baam sealed/imprisoned by Zahard.

    All I have seen in the comments, that there is the symbol of Zahard in the cave Baam’ story starts.
    That’s the cave from where the gate of the tower can be reached and Zahard also was an irregular who opened the door himself probaly taking this very route through this cavern. He could mark it just for marking his territory.
    Why would Zahard be interested in Baam? Because he is an irregular, who are rivals and threat to a king. So irregulars are not welcomed in the tower and Ren probably reported to the Zahard family that the Baam is the irregular. (Yuri seems to be a thickhead who walks her own way and not mentioned this because she started to like him.)

    About SIU:

    Do you really think the author’s hints would make the story clear? We have very little information and if the whole purpose of the characters would be predictable from these then I would be very disappointed.
    On the forums there was someone who thought that the one Headon was talking to after Baam left was Lahel [thus ignoring the expections that Lahel ’must’ have left that testing area]. And he was the one who was right in the end. Many guessed it was an irregular or someone mighty based on the crumbs of infromations and a huge load of romanticism. If we would like to reveal the story we need to think about the not so convenient details.
    All this “Baam is related to Zahard or some irregulars” things look far too simple. Or “Lero Ro going to 77th floor means he and Quant will automatically join the Winged Tree, kick ass and being heroes”.
    All of these the only thing that seems like having unique idea is that Baam is created from shinsoo.
    I am waiting for some interesting story not some “little prince with secret power from great ancestors abandoned then fight his way gloriously, kills the evil, brings new and righteous world order and lives happily ever after” quatsch.
    I liked Baam being betrayed by Lahel and liked the idea, that the “star” Baam is following is just a plain girl nothing special but full of weakness in her heart.
    The story will be more and more complex. Characters who looked like villains will look like heroes and vice versa. Mining down through the layers of their minds will reveal good and infamous motives maybe in the same person.
    Rankers, managers, organizations, Zahards, regulars and irregulars all acting , conspiring, fighting for their own goals changing each others and also themselves. I am looking forward to it. Thanks for the great, entertaining story, SIU.

    1. About my theory about Baam being a life created by shinsoo by Enryu, this is my source : Probably translated from the author’s blog.
      But it’s, of course, still just a theory. There is as you say, very few hints.
      But I think making theorys is what is interesting in this kind of story. Imagining the end is as much important as knowing the end.
      There is no villain or heroes, everybody can be what they choose to be, there is just different people with different objectives. And that’s why we love this story.

      1. A wikisite can be edited by anybody mostly by fans so mistakes are natural on wiki sites. If I have to choose between the wiki and the original manwha, I will choose the original which mentions that Urek is rumored to be able to create life with shinsoo.

        If you read my previous post carefully you will see, that I liked the theory of Baam being created by shinsoo.

        The only problem I have is that Enryuu is mentioned as the one who can create life with shinsoo. It would be strange if Enryuu and also Urek would be able to create life with shinsoo. But is anybody comes up with a reliable source with this info I will accept is.

        I have no problems with creating theories. But it is not enjoyable to read theories that are contradictory with the fact from the original manwha. If anybody wants to create theories then he/she should check whether it is applicable to the original story or not. As I said “we need to think about the not so convenient details”, not just the main details.

        1. If being in a wikisite does not make the information true, it doesn’t make it wrong either. And it is not because it’s not yet said in the manwha that it’s wrong.
          Maybe the information are in the author’s blog, I don’t know I don’t read Korean, but it seems possible (Enryu seems powerfull enough to do it, he is the number 2 after all).
          Maybe it is the difference between us, until you have real proof that I am wrong I choose to believe in this.

          1. So you belive in it because it can be possible and maybe it is from the author’s blog. 🙂
            This sure makes difference between us.

            You believe in those things that have no proof against, and I accept the things that can be justified by facts.

            Your choice then. 🙂 Time will tell who was right.

          2. I have asked for help on the forums, used google translator, read the original, korean manwha and the winner is Enryu. 🙂

            Grumpy messed up the translation there. You were right.

            I am going to stop believeing in facts from now on. 😉

          3. Exactly facts are overestimated 😀
            Come and joined the side of the believers !
            No sériously, you are probably right at the end, because there is very little chance that my theory become true. But I think believing in it is more that to doubt everything. That’s my choice.

  13. i think that baam is actually rachel. and that koon is actually a turtle.


  14. About the Zahard crest on the cave Baam was in. Couldn’t it just have been a crest around the tower before Zahard came in? For all we know Zahard could have claimed that emblem after climbing however far he got up the tower.

  15. That was awesome! Can’t wait ’till the second half. You guys here at THE COMPANY will do it as expertly as always I expect?

  16. Lol. I thought maybe Baam is one of the weapons, like Black March.

    Just ignore me^^’

    Awesome end though. I’m really curious!


  17. There is something interesting, if my memory serves me correct there was already an irregular in the tower (the big guys in lahels first group)

    So what is Baam? an irregular irreguelar?

    The author does keep on piling more plots

  18. Just wanted to express my thanks to you guys, you have opened my eyes to Korean manwha, cheers to you and SIU.

  19. Yeah, it would be pretty cool if you translated that review of the 1st season. Some plot points end up a little confusing. And thanks for all your hard work so far. ToG is awesome.

  20. Thank you so much for the hard work in bringing us all these chapters… love you guys and TOG!

  21. Thanks for translating this. Can’t wait for the continuation.
    Speaking of which, when will Season 2 start?

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