Toradora! Chapter 34 & 35

A crazy person can always spot a crazy person across the ways… lol

Took me a while to release these chapters… How long you ask?
This chapter was finished by new years… sorry for the delay
but to make up for the delay enjoy a double release of Toradora!!!


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  1. I crosschecked the your releases with the raws and I noticed your translator had trouble translating several sections correctly, or understanding some parts. I recommend crossreferencing with the translated light novels hosted at! for the parts the translator doesn’t understand, seeing as how they have pretty good overall translation of much of the material; as well as the general recommendation to be more careful and to review and practice the language more.

  2. great work! Pls can somebody tell me where that wallpaper on chapter 34 page 1 comes from? I’d like to have it^^

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