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  1. Cool! It’s been getting less funny but the transition to a more action-y manhwa was quite smooth.

  2. Thanks for the chapter ^^
    The panda on the credits page seems unimpressed… or depressed.
    It’s eyes pierce the lower-left part of my soul

  3. Now one thing left me wondering…Will the upcoming chapters of this manga more deviated into action or comedy?

    Though I like both of them,I rather more comedy for ZZ since the art is…average.Better art imo are suited for action mangas when it comes to fights(hand-to-hand) (unless it’s supapower like DBZ)…

    And I hope that Shin-gi won’t lost his…what makes him so Shin-gi in the near future.

    Thx for the scans!

  4. Really tnx for this manwha! Well i dont think this manga will go much the great action way! In fact this fight was also quiet funny with Shingi just being scared and in a bad position cause of his opponent being a perv! But since he is Shingi the god and he is a perv himself he will win! 😀

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