Veritas Color Vol.1

I’m soooo excited about this joint project with  HelzOne!

The people that made this possible:

HelzOne:  Grandonlil_ral, Seekay, Chikitani, and Tsukune08

The Company:  Grumpy, TheGodFather, Loki, Mhh, and FuBuLy

and last, but not least, Powha, colored a beautiful cover page for this venture!


Scanlation English
Download Ch 01
Read Online Ch 01

16 Responses

  1. awesome job, though veritas is a real letdown without it’s sequel which is unlikely to see light.

  2. OMG! your are so cool for this new manga have been reading “veritas” and had no idea it was men’t to be in COLOR 🙂

  3. Hey,

    I was just wondering what’s the status of the second season of veritas.


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