Tower of God: Ch42 – 2F – Hide and Seek (8)

Hehe, lineup for our tog is changing every week b/c of exam month… And noco’s now on a trip to Nigeria for a week. You may be coming here to procrastinate from your exams, but we just can’t give out the stuff to procrastinate on as much due to same reason as you. xD Some labor shifts are being done everyday to give you much procrastination material as possible though. 😛

For random leechers asking: “Does it really take a week to translate?”

A: No, it does not. Reality is that translation is a very small portion of bringing comics to you. Someone has to clean all the pages, redraw areas that had text on it, someone has to type it back in English, and do a good job at it. And we also proofread our work. That doesn’t mean we just check for missing commas, and random grammar errors, it means we check for quality. Here’s an example from this chapter, a proof by Trebor:

Translation: But I just can't understand why Koon has made such a decision...
Revised 1: But I just can't understand why Koon would make such a decision...
Revised 2: But I just can't understand why Koon made such a decision...
Reason: "has made" is the present perfect tense, which means that it's a past
event with continuing consequences, but this is already setup by the earlier
part of the sentence, so it just doesn't flow well. Edit 1 places the emphasis
on Koon's thought process, while Edit 2 places emphasis on the decision itself.

Language is a magnificent thing. But, only if you do it well. Just as we commonly see “high quality” images when dealing with scanlations, we also want to provide “high quality” in language as well as high quality in every aspect. And this quality takes time. Tower of God is a series that has a lot of meticulous details in the language, and we’d like it if you were able to argue with another about every essence of how one speech was said. So be patient because we will still give you maximum possible speed of 1 per week.

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PS. We’re still humans working on a short deadline. Give us some break. xD

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!! Koon is so cool right now, and B Team look like they’ll really be in trouble~~

  2. I never post comments but I wanted to post after reading this chapter. Take as much time as needed in giving us releases. I appreciate all the work you guys do and would not want this to interfere with school or work.

  3. Yaaaay! It’s early! Thank you! Thank you muchly! What an awesome chapter! 😀 The Director’s sense of humor is hilarious. xD “If you ignore the restrictions, they’re all just corpses, so everything is fair!” Uh-huh. xD

    I really like the Captcha system by the way. I like puzzles, even if easy ones. :O

  4. Thank you for chapter! I was waiting patiently for chapter. (A LIE!! X)) I do know that releasing a chapter would take long due to various parts sections of cleaning, typing, and such. BUT I never realized how hard the QC can be! To me…all sentence sounds the same! Maybe that why I never did well in English…even if it is my native language!! Err, anyway! Keep up the good work! I will (try) to wait patiently for release of this wonderful series!

    P.s Captcha is pretty fun this time!

  5. Thanks for the chapter!
    If you were brought up in my household, my mom would have beat proper English and grammar into you. I’m constantly getting corrected when I speak, i.e. I pronounce nuclear ‘new-cue-ler’ instead of ‘new-clear’ and I never hear the end of it. I could probably teach high school English and I’m only 23 :\ The re-drawing part is what I’d find hard, with all the color and such. Either way, it’s a long process and I’m too lazy to do it, so I have no room to complain.

    1. Actually its pronounced new-clee-ar. Most people slur it into new-clear XD (unless you meant new-clee-ar then my bad =P). Yeah you probably could teach high school English. It takes 4 years in university so…

      Thanks for the chapter (Friday/early Saturday > Sunday)! Looking forward to the next one. I mean if even the author is directly hinting that the B team game is gonna be exciting, then this next one should be good =P.

      Those stupid pictures take forever. =P

  6. Very low hopes from most of the teachers. The Director, on the other hand, may have purposely set the B team’s hope of survival low. The “Director” must have already know Lahel’s skill.

  7. This is just great. thanks alot guys for the early release!!!!

    I just finished reading the breaker chapter 26 and was seriously depressed but now this’ll lift my mood. THANKS^_^

  8. A late thanks for the early release. Y’all are doing amazing, and I definitely appreciate the high quality standards that each chapter is released with.

  9. Hey guys, i dont know how the lineup is or stuff, but i could help with some cleaning or proofreading for TOG.. i really love this manga, and i want to keep it going. so, i offer my help here! contact me if you wish, i think you guys can get my email right?
    see ya!

  10. I humbly thank you for releasing my favourite manhwa and deeply appreciate all the great work you have done. I ve been reading hundreds of mangas from popular like Bleach, Naruto, Never-ending-hajimme-no-ippo, Gantz, Blade of the Immortal, Berserk, to less popular like !BLAME, Kurozuka, Maken x Another, Bokurano or Freesia, but Tower of God is so far best i know. Its a great pity only mangas i can find and buy in poland from these, are damn Naruto and Bleach, which i read only to see its ending. One of the most popular mangas in the world. There are no manhwa in poland :c
    Is there a way to help ToG releasses, which doesnt require skills i do not posses but require some time i can offer?:I

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