Knight Run 17

Hello everyone.

Short: Here’s Knight Run for you.

Long: The last group that was doing Knight Run (Knight Run Fan Cafe) has decided to stop releasing Knight Run as they were getting too buy with their lives. So, we’ve combined forces to bring you the next chapter of Knight Run. This will be the ONLY chapter that will be joint, rest of it will be done entirely by us.

For some of you donators, you probably saw this sitting in our project forum, complete and dormant for weeks… lol
This chapter took quite a long time to put out. Reasons from varying degrees, but in the end, Shin pulled some heroic effort to make it possible. And lastly… the “check by KRFC” which was initially agreed upon… Frankly, I’m not even sure if it happened. But if that’s gonna take a month, it’s not worth the wait IMO. Why is it taking a month? I don’t know… Maybe they’re busy, maybe our liaison isn’t much of a liaison. But anyway, here’s our chapter. Hope you enjoy it.

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25 Responses

  1. Shin, this captcha is 100% bot proof!!! XD Compared to previous 10 spam a day, it’s a godsent for me. Though… I feel like it’s 50% “thank” proof too…
    Btw, if u login the blog… there’s no captcha at all.

    I believe the old chapters are very engRish. The chances of re-doing them is rather slim however… It’s a wordy series and this is no walk in the park. 😛
    I feel like we do all the long webtoons…

  2. shin, even they admitted that their engrish is kinda weird.

    Anyway, when can we expect the next ch? What is the status of the translation?

    1. Went to expect the next chapter? hmmmm… From this day to infinity? but yeah were working on them.

      1. I was expecting something like this for answer:
        “The KRFC team is almost finished with the translation”
        “The QC is already done, its just needs to be typed”

        Or you can just answer the way you did before, if it makes you feel better.

  3. Thanks a lot for translating this awesome series! I realize that other guy who asked this got a nonsensical answer, but is there any form of release schedule?

  4. If you want a more “official” answer. Sorry. We don’t have a schedule for this. As grumpy mentioned, from now on, there will be only us working on it so no translations outside the company 🙂

    Translators work on multiple projects and have a life as well(BOOOOO i
    know). I can’t even give a date for the next chapter though we will continue with the series so eventually you’ll get a new chapter.


  6. Hi there!
    i don’t know where to ask so i’m doing it here… where can i find the earlier chapters?

    thank you for your help

  7. You can find all chapters at or
    There are tons of sites with millions of manga/manhwa, ya know?
    If u didnt, here is a brave new world for you.

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