Toradora! Ch28

ello Everyone~

Today is Haruru’s birthday!!!
Wooo~~~~ Happy birthday~~~!!!
Taiga reminds me of Haruki so much that I thought this would be a funny b-day release. And if you get to know her, you’d probably agree she’s awefully like Taiga… Impatient, hot headed, a little bit spoiled… yet innocent. Indeed, I have lot of great words for the birthday girl.

(Probability of her yelling at me after I release this 87%. 13% chance is the chance she doesn‘t see this.)

For those more interested in the comic itself, this is not going to be the only release. We will be (hopefully) starting a long term Toradora relationship. But we need your help!! We need a permanent translator for Toradora or it may come to a halt quite soon! So, if you can speak japanese, please apply!! We have raws upto the latest. So, please help us make it possible to deliver Toradora~!!

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  1. Wow, thank so much for the release everyone, hope you manage to get a translator for it, would be awesome to see this start up again. Thanks for this at the very least though!

  2. Hello there Grumpy, if you’d like, I don’t mind continuing Toradora! from wherever you decide to leave off. I had originally planned to do 28, and I actually did start it a bit, but something came up and I didn’t quite manage to finish the chapter. Though, give me a shout. I’d rather not compete over a series. It’s quite childish to do so. – Sayori of VI Scans

  3. err…. thx for the bday wishes everyone~ 🙂 <3
    not thx for everything else *pointedly looks at grumpy* .>

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