Zippy Ziggy – v7.ch49: Uncovered Shin-gi?

Death to Elro!!! lol And long live Mako!!! (I actually didn’t even get a notice from Mako yet if he’d actually work on this. lol)

And I’m gonna stop posting that Vietnamese link…  Because I honestly don’t know the link ahead of time… and I’m too lazy to go back and check.

~ Grumpy

Scanlation English
Read Online
Clean  English Korea
Download (.psd)

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  1. Thnx a lot for new chapter! Tnx to elrohon for his work (echi credits especially :D) and good luck to Mako or whoever is gonna take elros place!

    1. If I’m going to be remembered for my ecchi credits pages… then I fulfilled my duty. *puts on awesome sunglasses and stares at the sun in an awesome cross-armed pose*

  2. Чувак,впервые кто-то русский спалился ХД когда следующую главу ждать?

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