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Knight Run, Dropped

Well, Knight Run has just been released by Japanzai and you can get that here:  They asked us if they can continue the series instead. Though we do have fans of this series, there’s just no point in hogging a project that you can’t release.  We don’t have any translator willing to do this […]

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Knight Run 18

Well, this sure took it’s time, huh? Between lack of translator and huge dialog in KR, it seems a bit hard to get motivated TLer for this project. Anyway, enjoy!

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Knight Run 17

Hello everyone. Short: Here’s Knight Run for you. Long: The last group that was doing Knight Run (Knight Run Fan Cafe) has decided to stop releasing Knight Run as they were getting too buy with their lives. So, we’ve combined forces to bring you the next chapter of Knight Run. This will be the ONLY […]

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