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  1. man i am so mad that this was late that if you were in front of me i would punch you so hard you would throw up then i would make you wipe up the throw up with that towel.

  2. if i had the black march id shove it up ur butt and ignite it aside from that as this is my first post i love you guys for showing it to me

  3. Nah it WAS kinda funny. So we should only do something little like starting a small fire inside their lungs and then watch as they suffocate and burn from the inside out.

    JUST KIDDING! Its nice to have a group with some humour :P. I just hope it comes out soon though T.T

  4. You find this funny? making fun of the fans who waited for so long a chapter who’s not even released yet?
    honestly i’m disappointed of the staff…

    1. Because waiting requires so much effort in the scanlation process… lol. It’s a joke in bad taste but still a joke. Take it like a man and stop whining :P.

      p.s. I, nor anyone else, had nothing to do with this it was all Sensei(Oculus).

      1. Lol lies. That wasn’t bad taste. Look how many people commented on it lol. It was a huge success

  5. I came here expecting my towel of god… where is it?? That’s just a regular towel!!11

  6. I have to wonder if many of the scanlators (doesn’t matter who) are still in school (college or high school or whatever), because some schools are having their finals this week and others (like mine) are having theirs next week. I have been noticing that scanlations slow down around test time (esp finals) and than speed up.
    If they are, than good luck.

    1. This is exactly the case. Oculus just decided to abuse this fact. However, we’ve always had a Friday release as it gives us time in case something bad crops up. Like team members randomly disappearing mid-assignment (Mako, I hope the Mexican gangsters didn’t string your body up in a tree after desecrating your corpse).

  7. I hate you.. 🙁

    btw, some people really need to understand a joke, scanlators don’t work for you, they have every right to make us suffer unless you pay them for their work.

    That said, I still hate you scanlators.. 🙁

    1. This is a comment I can respect. T_T. It’ll be out tonight, at some point. If not then tomorrow.

  8. This was such a bad “joke” if you want to learn how to be funny go look at Dattebayo’s trolls from like last year.

  9. bad joke… you do know that when a series gets more popular, more scanlators begin releasing their own work for that series. and more often than not, the faster and better group gets more views and more donations in the long run.

    and knowing the bad reaction from most of the comments here, expect Ch23 to be released 1 day or so from now. theyre gonna get back at us for not seeing the “humor”.

  10. FUNNY! and for those who didnt like it, go to hell ;p
    I spent some hours in the chat with oculus, and that was really funny, so stop complaining.

  11. Yeah uh Zero, take a break man. Lol. These guys need to have some fun n games once in a while too y’know. Jeebus that would be nuts if they just worked on new releases 24/7 O_O

    And Oculus, that was mean and cruel. D= Nah got a smirk outta me but still, shattered dreams man 😀

  12. I laughed when I realized what happened…

    Funny joke~

    Some people obviously have a shitty sense of humor they they thought this was a bad joke.

  13. At first I was disappointed, but when I saw in someones comment the ‘L’ and looked back at the title I did have a good laugh. Thanx for you’r hard work on this exceptional manga.

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