Free Hosting for Scanlators!


I’m offering free hosting to all scanlators~! Cuz someone suggested to me that I should. 🙂

You can have either:
<something> for your address or <buy_your_own_domain> for your address (suggested). xD

I am offering full cPanel hosting. So, you get full access just like a paid hosting. There is no ads or any catches. It’s completely free!

As for bandwidth/space, all I got to say is “don’t worry” ^_^ But please don’t use our server to host the comic itself (for downloads and such). Please use services like Mediafire, etc instead to keep the costs down.
You can only use it for scanlation purposes or consult with me first.

If you need online reader, please use batoto. 🙂

~ Grumpy

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  1. Dude youre awesome!

    Look, i have been trying for years now to have an online reader website.
    but ever since i had a problem: I couldnt even pass the first step ( program an online reader or get an online reader from the internet

    i would be awesome if you could help me with that.

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