Tower of God Ch20

Tower of God chapter 20~~ Enjoy!

For those constantly asking when the next chapter comes out… I don’t get why you bother asking. ToG always comes out at approximately the same time unless something happens.

~ Grumpy

!!! I just uploaded it again at 2:30am Eastern Time. The old version had an error~~ Sowwy aboot that.

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  1. When I first came across about 10 chapters of ToG on a manga-hosting sites, I checked it out on whim and found it to be midly interesting, but didn’t think much of it. Next thing I know, my interest grew with each chapter, so I have to say that despite so-so art, the story is pretty interesting. I’m glad you guys’re doing this series. Keep it up and keep me hooked for new chapters!

  2. Thanks for the release! I got to admit, placing the logo in the corner of that panel was a classy touch.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that the strange girl who whispers something to the lizard girl looks similar to the girl Baam is searching for?

    1. We’ve been getting LOT of hints that they’re the same. Same clothes, opportunity, etc. But no actual confirmation and no freckles. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Thanks a bunch for the release.

    Argh, was hoping to see them fight this chapter though =S. Curious about what’s in Koon’s bag… I was wondering if it was alive or something since he had trouble bringing it through the shinsoo barrier from that other test with that blond guy. And Lahel was probably behind Baam since the rabbit seemed to know of her and was talking to someone after Baam left. But it’d be so weird if she was the cloaked girl and he found her so soon =S. It’d also be interesting if Lahel was an irregular which is actually how Baam entered. Ha sorry for ranting. Just like this series. Can’t wait for the next chapter =P.

  5. Thanks for the release ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyone notice how much hair Baam had in the flashback? :))

    Speaking of which ,,Making a man out of Baam Ver. 3.0″ rofl… i guess 1.0 and 2.0 failed?

    Also, i don’t think they’re the same… from the faceshot we get of the cloaked girl (just from this, i get a powerful argument: if she was Lahel her face would be in shadow or something, not fully shown anyway) i can see these differences:
    -no freckels
    -different hair color (Lahel has lighter hair, the color of sand; this girl has brown)
    -the shape of their eyes differ, and cloaked girl has some strange markings/tattoos around her eyes

    Rather, i think the cloaked girl is one of the princesses, based simply on the fact she has some powerful relation with Anak


    1. I think most of us were thinking Lahel might be the OTHER cloaked girl lol. Not the brown haired girl who whispered something to Anak. Oh and Lahel’s freckles disappear sometimes O.o For instance the preview of this chapter (provided by The Company (top of this page)) of Lahel, her freckles are missing!

      AND I AGREE!!!!

      1. the freckles aren’t missing there. You need to calibrate your monitor. ๐Ÿ˜› Or you’re facing colour blindess.

        1. Dear god I knew it. Damn I guess I can’t make fun of my friend for being color blind anymore rofl.

          Well it doesn’t show up on my laptop so didn’t realize it and on the family computer the screen is dirty so I thought it was dirt lol ><.

          Btw how DO you calibrate your monitor O.o?

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