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  1. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??????????????????????? was i banned. I
    went on this site after i finished watching season 4 of dexter online to find out that i was banned.Also there was this really mean comment posted on the site.

        1. Oh GOD. I’m an idiot. I was sure it said “female Chinese martial artist” XDDD
          Good job as always Grumpy.

          1. Lol! I knew I got it right. It turns out Wong Fei-Hung was quite the guy, he was a Chinese traditional doctor, acupuncturist, revolutionary, and folk hero. I chose to use the Martial Artist side because it was the most applicable to the situation.

  2. nice work guys, keep up the work and release nx chapter soon, very soonnn pleaseee, i am so in love with this manhwaa hahaha

  3. Thanks for the release, I just discovered this Manhwa, it’s truely awesome! It’s so funny =’) The expressions are sooo great !!

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