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    1. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? do you bother keep posting this? NGH is actually the 4th most popular series we have!!! Why would I NOT translate this??? And what’s your problem???

  1. It is a interesting series, but where do you get the statistic of “fourth most popular” from?

  2. there’s a little program/script called google-analytics. It can catalog site hits, and page views and give you the right information to figure it out. Most websites use it. If you run NoScript, like I do, you can see what scripts are being run on a website and do the research yourself :P.

  3. I read this every week but i must admit that its the series I like least out of everything on the site. Still, if other people enjoy it then I’m glad you are translating it for them.

    Thanks for all the work you do. I very much enjoy stopping by this site and reading your translations.

  4. this is one of my favorite webtoon… It will soon get A LOT better (and the drawing gets better).

  5. I love this series!
    I mean, c’mon, lol!

    A twenty-seven year old man gone back in time into his old body? It’s hilarious. I actually love it – art-wise or not. (Somewhat fresh from the ‘oh-so-├╗ber-unrealistically-pretty’) which we see otherwise.

    So, go on, translate some more and edit it in!
    First comes Tower of God, then Ziggy, which is quickly followed by Nam Gi-Han and/or Greenboy.
    Yes, either one of those.

    So… Wohooo! Go! Go!

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