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Because apparently Naver couldn’t be bothered to make a site for PCs

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Additional instructions:
You can link to specific chapter within the site by adding title number & chapter number to the URL. – This will go to ToG page,1 – This will go to chapter 1 of ToG page.


  1. colonywars says:

    WoW 😀 That is almost looks like original site! Now. I wonder why They do this site so big… But now it is readable and friendly 🙂 Thank You!

    And have You got answer from Naver about series? If They want to catch Kubera it will take at least 4 years… :/

    • Grumpy says:

      It IS the original site. Just stuck inside 690pixel width.

      They made it like that b/c it was made for mobile. Naver has wrong numbers… The korean webtoon reader base is majority mobile device. But western reader base is majority computer. I have numbers… but no, they aren’t responding to me. :/

      • colonywars says:

        Aha, so We poor, unworthy leeches must wait for Them to catch up, or for You to make at least script translations 🙂 Thank You for answer 🙂

  2. Tess says:

    Wow, thank you so much for posting that link (and for creating it)! The pixels and pictures look so much better now!

    I hope that they respond to you soon. I wonder why they are not though. If you do not mind answering, what will be your future plans if they do not reply soon?

    Thank you again for all that you have done for us!

    • Grumpy says:

      I’m not seeing what you’re referring to. Does the problem occur in Chrome as well? The site is likely optimized for chrome/safari engine since it’s mobile site.

      • Atchim says:

        It does occurs on every browser.
        Besides most of them are optimized for touchscreen of iphones.

        • Grumpy says:

          Can you screenshot?

          • Atchim says:

            How can I screenshot?
            I tried Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Explorer, none worked, the link you created at least work alone but the LINE Webtoon interface is terrible in every browser, I wish Naver at least studied the foreign market before trying to dive in it, the translations became americanized(not all of them), in some webtoons, they substitued Won for Dollar(and the wrong value) they grammar sucks, the translation is extremely inaccurate, some webtoons I wonder what happened in there because I didn’t get a thing, I won’t ask you guys to translate because its your lives you guys decide what to do, but thanks for all these years translating.

            BTW I use Windows 8 which is also optimized for

          • Grumpy says:

            If you have windows 8, you should have a program called “Snipping Tool”. If you need further help with the tool:

            Use that to capture the problematic spot and upload to somewhere like and share the link. So, I can see for myself what you are experiencing.

      • saleh says:

        i use safari and it work well for me 😀
        i test it in windows 7 and mac os and in both of them it work well

        if someone want to read on the main site whit safari host ctr and the use mouse roller to set it width for computer :p

  3. colonywars says:

    Hym… There is cropped right side of pictures. Read new chapter of Girls of the Wild, and You will see where it needs to be corrected:) Everything else works like a charm 😀

  4. svines85 says:

    Cool, thanks a lot. I really had no idea how to do anything with how it was appearing. Seriously, thanks, it’s much appreciated. And yeah, hard to believe Naver wasn’t interested in seeing the problem….kind of like restarting the majority of the titles over at chapter 1 after they’d been translated into English and distributed online, some of them up to a few hundred chapters. Yeah, kind of a self-defeating strategy guys 😀

  5. Mizura says:

    The Company. A solution for everything. Why won’t Naver hire you guys. xD

  6. James says:

    There’s something I don’t understand. I found this official translation in naver which has a good on-line reader but only 11 chapters of ToG and none of Kubera. Why?

    And why are both sites with official english translations so hard to find? Since they are official they should be of the first results in Google.

  7. anon says:

    Sorry if this is a troublesome request, but is there anyway that you can upload all your past ToG scans in a zip for download? Totally fine if you’re not able to do so though

  8. danz628 says:

    woah! thanks the company! you guys are awesome! thank you for helping us out! =) I just hope naver would update kubera or maybe you could release scripts?.. thank you very much! this website is totally awesome!

  9. Pelet says:

    Hey guys I appreciate how you took it in your own hands to make the naver site readable. 😀
    Now is there a chance you are going to add all the translated blog posts of SIU to the chapters?
    I believe withouth the blog posts one misses a lot of details in this webtoon, so it would be great to have them. : /

    • kirisaki says:

      Yeah, that’d be great, I agree. It’d be awesome if you could still translate the weekly comments by the author when they come out. You could just post them in this site. It’d be a great complement to the chapters. Sorry if it’s too much to ask.

  10. Nobody says:

    Could you maybe do something like/with Odd Squad Scans’ system where You basically view the webtoon on the publisher(Naver)’s website, but a script replaces all the images with your translated ones. I don’t know the terms of their request, but while you’d still be translating the comic, traffic would be directed to their site instead of various unrelated online readers.
    Relevant links:


  11. may says:

    thank you. please keep on keeping on for as long as you can as you bring happiness to so many with the work that your group does. you all are appreciated and I hope you feel the love

  12. Berundo says:

    The script image replacement sounds really promising, hope you guys can find a way to do something like that. Would annoy the hell out of me, if i have to wait like 5 years until those guys at naver catch up to the recent chapters..

    any idea how long naver needs to translate a certain chapter to english and put it on their reader?

  13. NIphy says:

    Thanks a lot guys,it was unreadable before

  14. mors says:

    I keep hearing about Javascript overlays, it’d be great if you could do that! The name changes en masse has brought about a horrible dissonance; not to mention that grammar, spelling and QCs seem to be alien to Naver translators.

  15. Shadow says:

    Naver is updating tower of god in english? Or is that you guys making the translations? I just noticed they have a new chapter on the reader you guys made. Though the translation quality seemed a bit lower, and some of the names where different so it doesn’t quite look like yalls work.

    One request/comment I do have about the reader is that it needs to be a bit wider still, parts of the images are getting cut off on the very far right edge.

    I still love all you guys and thanks for your continuing work. I wish things where back to how they use to be.

    PS: Any hope of some form of Kubera Update? Javascript overlay or text based?

    • kirisaki says:

      You got quite a few things wrong there. Allow me to correct you point by point.

      First, The Company didn’t make Naver’s reader. The link they provide here is simply a way to make Naver’s Reader ( – optimized for mobile access and therefore impractical for computers) look better in computers by reducing its size. They didn’t make it. Think of it as more of an “application” that The Company is providing to make Naver’s reader look better.

      Second, The Company did not make the official translation. That’s easy to see, The Company’s releases had quality, Naver’s is terrible. I’m not even talking about the names, seeral sentences didn’t make sense, the whole script felt clunky, tons of simple mistakes that show the lack of proofread. Dear God, how can they call themselves professionals (though this is more about the fact that Naver doesn’t give the smallest s*** about us foreign readers than anything else)? By the way, they made small fixes on the translation since yesterday. A bit more bearable now.

      Third, if you want to arrange the size of Naver’s reader yoruself it’s an easy fix – just increase/decrease the size of your browser’s window on their official website ( Sounds dumb but it works.

  16. ian137 says:

    grumpy-nim you once said you will turn the releases like “ghost oneshot” release . please do it hurry cause it will take some year for them to catch up kubera (I still doubts about if they can catch up to it before it ends). and something is definitely wrong with their English translation of Tog.

  17. Manadron says:

    Hi! I’m having a problem with the site on Firefox. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing the same problem, but the scroll bar on the right side seems to be cutting off a part of the images, however it works fine on Chrome.

    Here’s what I’m talking about (ToG):

    Anything I could do on my side to fix this? The browser is up to date btw.

    • Grumpy says:

      It might be that you have zoom set in your browser. Hit Ctrl + Numpad 0. Might have to do it from naver’s site so that you’re not setting zoom at our page.

  18. lulol says:

    thx for those links, and thx for everything 🙂

  19. Limesquish says:

    Hey, did anyone notice that there’s a resize of the site or something? I actually have to scroll sideways it seems.

  20. Super Squish says:

    It works but this weird ad/redirect pops up and it doesn’t let you scroll or read the comic so you have to use their annoying wide format.

  21. anon says:

    Hey.. does it still work? I just get an image with webtoon and it rediects me to that site.

  22. Someone Else says:

    It doesn’t work anymore.

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