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Well, here is the much delayed script only release of ToG. 112 and 113 is already translated, just slow QC. As for the javascript release hinted is still in the cloud of may or may not do.

Kubera… Next chap was translated and typeset, pretty much all that. But we will not be releasing it as we said we won’t. We may release script of that only. But that will be the end. Our Kubera translator has decided to stop translating and we have no intention to get a new translator or to get a substitute translator on the project.


This is a translation based on the Korean version.

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  1. Hey,
    Is this the same type of script like with “Bongcheon District Ghost”?
    If yes, could you please explain how to use it? It seems different and I couldn’t figure out how to alter the old script with the new data.

    Thx a lot btw. for your continuous support of ToG and the ToG-community!

    1. No, it’s not a javascript based. There’s nothing to run. It’s just text. “Script” as in manuscript, not as in javascript.

      1. OK, thx for the fast reply.
        Also thanks for the text. I miss the additional text by thcmpny in and after the chapters a lot these days.

  2. Your translations are much appreciated even if only in text form. The official ones I’ve read feel awkward in was I can’t quite put my finger on, which doesn’t matter much on some of the more simple and silly series, but ToG and Noblesse really don’t compare well to your and EG’s work.

  3. Hey all. I just want to say thank you so much for providing the tower of god script release. But I have to ask, is it really better to provide tower of god releases instead of Kubera? I mean.. Yeah Naver has shitty translations, but they are current and they ARE there. Kubera is almost five years behind. I love both series, and I am super thankful for all the work you’ve guys have done so far. But I dont see why the tower of god team wouldn’t switch over.

    Maybe I am being selfish, but Kubera is my favorite manwah, hell my favorite comic out there. And to have it stop because of all this bullshit is really saddening. I really wish you guys would reconsider which manwah is the priority considering naver is keeping tower of good updated.

    Either way, thanks for all the years of great translations and introducing me to my two favorite comics.

    1. Also if you guys aren’t doing Kubera is there ANYONE out there who is translating it?

    2. It doesn’t work that way. Different teams have different interests, so you can’t force one team to work on another series.

      Now that The Company FINALLY announced its intentions to drop Kubera for good though (including no scripts and no Javascript overlays), maybe another scanlation team will decide to pick it up. Most groups won’t consider picking up a series unless they’re absolutely sure another group has dropped it for good.

  4. ** * ** * **
    The scroll-bar is overlapping the images slightly.
    Changing this line:

    into this:

    will fix it!

    (As a viewer you can: right-click first image, “inspect element”, look slightly above the selected line, double-click to edit the html, close inspector, profit!)

    1. Oops, html tags disappeared 😛

      #1: _div class=”flick-container”_

      #2: _div class=”flick-container” style=”width:auto”_

      replace ‘_’ to create proper tags

  5. Thank you for the translation of the blog. Will you keep translation the blog??? I always like to read what he has to say to us, and they don’t translate them…

  6. So SIU’s never going to heal his wrist completely
    and it seems he’s even risking his health

  7. i’ll look forward to thcmpny’s work on ToG again. reading naver’s translation really “destroy” impression of the chapter that should’ve been exciting. im dont have enough interest in reading ToG on time now (usually i wait for mngacow’s about 0,5-2 hour after original release and re-read from Thcmpny next week for better understanding and still open naver just because whatever)

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