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  1. What’s this? The Black March has more significance than just an overpowered pointy stick? >=^) You shall see, you shall see….

    ^actually has no idea, himself, where the plot is going to take that. Lol.


  2. Thanks for the update! lol, I think that’s that’s the most turtles I’ve ever seen in a chapter without having any.

  3. Thanks, no problem that you get too lazy to post all the links, as long if you’re not to lazy to translate and to edit, no one has a problem with it.

    By the way, I couldn’t get on the site for 2 days, were there any problems?

    1. You must’ve been visiting at some very unlucky intervals. lol
      I did have several reboots and rebuilds of the server for various things. I really did move this site too soon. xD
      But nothing like a production server to tell you “you missed this in the config!” lol
      So, it’s up everyday… just not every hour. lol
      I think there are still a few more things I gotta do, so there are gonna be more reboots/rebuilds of the system. 🙁
      My last reboot was for some security modifications… random brute forcers r annoying. :-/ But I guess that’s just how life is.

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