Up and Down… Up and Down…

Well, perhaps I moved over too soon. There are lot of things I need to get installed on the server before it’s running in full production. So you may see this website not responding from time to time. It shouldn’t be too long at any point. Hopefully I got everything and no one has to suffer down servers anymore.

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    1. hehe, I forgot to install the gd library till last night… And well, capcha can’t make images without it, and then, obviously… no one can post or register without it. xD

  1. well i dont belong to any group , but am the biggest leech at 2 group’s and i knew their situation just like a staff could do

    1. Tbh, right now, I don’t see how anyone joining us is going to benefit us (though everyone is welcome). Alternatively, I don’t see any reason to be joining other groups. Lastly, I don’t think we’d be of great help either. But none the less, I am willing to talk if I knew who they were.

  2. helz0ne or muda scantrad , while helz0ne is more manhwa-ish i found more ppl at muda that loves zippy ziggy

  3. I know this will look totally weird, BUT could you send me the original background image of your manhwa site? (http://manhwa.grumpyland.com/wp-content/themes/pixel/images/bgbody3.jpg) Been searching it through google for a while and just can’t find it without the frame in the middle! Unless you made it yourself and don’t want to share, could you please send me the image without mentioned frame? Would be greatly appreciated.


    PS: I´d only use it as wallpaper, not on a website or the likes

    PPS: The catpcha code on your main domain (contact) isn’t working

    1. Geez, so many ppl bother me for this picture.
      go to http://snyp.host22.com/ for it. (Work unsafe).
      Posted this many times already. Gonna ignore these posts from now on.

      On another note, tho I find that you are getting thru my top domain’s contact form a bit disturbing for this when my email’s plastered all over this site… lol Thx for letting me know it’s broken…

    1. What about you? lol

      Well, for helz0ne, I know they’re looking for more translators. But I honestly don’t have even a little bit of more time left to be doing that. My hands are pretty much completely full with another person who already asked me to translate something and my active projects.

      As for muda, I haven’t even had enough time to talk to them.

  4. ….there’s no comic associated with this post….

    If you mean ToG, that’s my fault. It’s coming soon. If you mean Ziggy, I have no connection so I have no idea. =^)

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