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Well, you may already have noticed from a mix of us not releasing anything & EGS’s announcements. We’ve been requested to stop… or least that’s how I’m interpreting it. They have not specified any title (actually they have not specified anything). I’ve been silent about this because I was trying to talk to Naver so that we may come to a compromise, but they still haven’t responded.

We’re dropping all Naver titles and will not be scanlating them any further. As thcmpny does not host any content, there’s nothing for to delete stuff. But if I see that the old reader is still up, I will remove it.


We may however do script only releases. And we may have a javascript that overlays it on their site, similar to how we did the ghost oneshot before if people want to see more of certain series from us.

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  1. Very sad but expected news.

    I’d rather read your scripts than have my love for some series die because of a bad quality site.

    wow my other post came out so wrong. delete plz

  2. Oh noes!

    Just looked at their releases, there’s no proofreading, translations are shitty and on top of all, their reader is just a nameless puke that oversize pics transforming it to a sea of pixels and making it impossible to read comfortably.

  3. Ech… So sad news… At least if this English reader that Naver do was similar to original site, that will be perfect… But for now it suxxx :/ I read latest chapter of Noblesse there… It is a nightmare…

    Waiting for news and updates about this situation.

    And thanks for all Your hard work:)

  4. No, it couldn’t be true…??

    The damn reader from Naver is not optimized for PC. Grany pictures with some kind of stupit auto-zoom. I don’t know the quality of their translations, but i fear the worst.

    I wish the best for the authors and that they could earn money with their talent. But i don’t want to support a big company which want to make fast money with bad quality.

    But, I don’t know. Let’s wait and see what happens.

    p.s. thcmpny thanks for your hard work

  5. So sad! 🙁 Well, I would like to read the last chapters of kubera but I understand if you guys cannot. Anyway, if you can follow other method which doesn’t “harm” you, it would be awesome! Thank you for your hard work!

  6. Hey I’m not sure I understand the situation completly.
    From some of the coments I gather that Naver will release some of it’s series in english?
    If they do not, will you continue to translate them (in a different form as you mentioned)?

  7. I for one would appreciate script releases. The last few chapters of Kubera have looked quite interesting on the Naver site even if I have to read the script from a text source.

    Thank you very much for all the releases to date. Your group has been my favorite to read.

  8. I would love the scripts as well. The titles are starting at the beginning and the series are close to or in the triple digits. That will be a long time to get caught up.

  9. Script releases or the overlay would be awesome!
    Anyway, thanks for all you’ve done!

  10. Sad to hear this. I checked out their official ToG and it’s nowhere near as good as your releases (it seems really rushed/weirdly worded and edited)plus their reader is utter balls and clearly not meant for use on PC’s.

    Plus just the fact that you guys have been doing ToG from the beginning and know/understand the series so damn well. Much sad.

  11. Naver’s translations are soooo bad. It’s like finding roaches in your favorite dish. They’re a pain just to read through. T____T Please do script-only releases, or javascript overlays if possible, at least until they fix the translations (if ever). Also, unlike Tower of God, Kubera is not up to date on their site, so we’re dying here. T____T

    1. Oh yes, and of course: Thank you so much for bringing two of my favourite series to us all these years. I’ve always thought that the scanlations released by The Company were works of art, in how they do a magnificent job with the translations and such a dedicated job with the cleaning and typesetting. The translations alone helped elevate the reading experience to another level, unlike the official translations so far, which frankly make the characters sound like a bunch of retards. You brought these series to us in the best light possible, and in doing so hugely contributed to the growth of the fandom for webtoons overseas. I do hope Line Webtoons will one day match the quality you have provided to us. Thank you so much.

  12. Would love the overlay option… it’s worked quite well with Odd Squad’s scans of Cheese in the Trap, and now Ties of Compassion with AddNine. At least until (because I’m gonna hope) the official translations shape up to something decent, & are caught up (i.e. Kubera).

    Thank you guys as always.

  13. Well then, this is such disappointing news. Thank you though, for everything you’ve done for us so far it’s has certainly been a couple of very enjoyable years thanks to your scans so you have my utter gratitude for that. Hopefully you can still release scripts? That would lessen the pain abit.

    Will miss your scans though, but thank you.

  14. well even just some translation on the forum for kubera would have been ok, but this script thing is really convenient, i hope it will be put to use. Thanks for your hard work

  15. It’s the end, huh… 🙁

    Thank you very much for translating comics all those years! Thanks to you I’ve gotten to know Kubera, which I love so much! And I have to point out amazing quality of cleaning & comic in general as well!

    Thank you again!

    About the translation: Personally I would prefer javascript overlay version,(I’m reading Cheese in the trap using it and it’s very good)But script version is definitely fine also, as long we get o read translations.


    1. Definitely works. Please go this route if they don’t allow you to resume scanlating or if they don’t just quit because horrendous readership. To me, The Company’s translations and added bits bonus translator notes and quips make ToG immensely better. Without them, I feel like I’m reading a bland and fairly generic manga/mahwa. Just even looking at the description of what ToG’s about on the official translators site would have me running away from ToG if I didn’t already know what it was about.

      Anyway, I’d be willing to pay/donate to tC $20 a year just to keep reading and/or save to my systems future reading. Seriously. Maybe that’s not enough but if $20 is enough or too much…but I wouldn’t feel cheated one bit at $20/yr for tC’s work.

      On the flip side though, if it ended up being too much work I’d fully understand that too. I wouldn’t want you over committing to something that’s just a hobby/for fun/entertainment and sacrificing spending quality time with friends/family.

  16. Noooooooooo!!!
    Kubera and ToG have been my favorite comics for years. Please don’t stop translating. Scripts, overlays, Whatever. I’ll read it in any form. I’ll throw money at you. I just want to be able to read a good translation. And by good translation I mean your translation.
    Srsly, I’d try to learn Korean just to read them, but I have my hands full with Japanese. So you guys are my only hope. You were doing such an awesome job. Hope you won’t get discourage and abandon these works because of what Naver did.

  17. Aw no! I just started Kubera, and love it so much! I tried reading the Naver translations, but they’re just awful. I wouldn’t mind reading scripts; not at all! Please please, I just want a good translation. Thank you guys so much for all your hard work

  18. Please do release the scripts! I’m now a huge fan of Kubera and webtoons thanks to your translations!

  19. I truly hope you will do scripted releases for Tower of God. Fuck the official translation 🙁 if it were good, sure, but it just isn’t

  20. Everybody is right. Please, release script only at least. I’ve found another site that translates TOG, but they don’t even have half of the names right. You guys are the best translators of manhwa I’ve found ever.

  21. Well that is a shame because Naver’s english translations are bad and the reader sucks…

  22. Thank you for all the work you have done so far! The quality of your scanlations were exceptional 🙂
    It’s a shame that the official Naver releases are so bad that if I hadn’t known the storyline I would be totally confused. Unfortunately, the same goes for ToG… I would never recommend anyone reading these series on the LINE Webtoon app, it’s just a waste of time. I like the app though.

    I hope you’ll do script releases with your wonderful translations! It will lesser the pain of what sadly Naver does to our favourite series and their authors.

  23. It`s sad to come down to this but expected and only fair. I seriously wish Naver would engange you guys for translating. The official translations are far inferior, of course I am really glad theyare translating but your level of translations is high above them. So this is of course necessary.

    Thank you!
    Thank you for all the time and effort you spent on translating those great series, everybody appreciates your efforts. And yes like many said your translations were simply awesome and aI was always excited, seeing a new Tower of God and Kubera chapter translated. Thank you very much!

  24. Esto esta mal, no solo paran las traducciones al inglés eventualmente también lo harán las traducciones a otros idiomas que toman como base estas traducciones.

  25. Why dont you contact EGS and see if theyre willing to host your project with their IRC bot? They have extensive guides and its not that hard to get the files.

  26. So wait, you’re still not sure whether they’re actually telling you to stop, but decide to drop stuff anyway?
    Also, if you plan on doing script-only releases, you could just as well keep going as normal and simply release via IRC. I don’t really understand what the problem is.

    1. I second IRC-only normal releases. Javascript frame method is good and all, but it can interfere with scenarios from Naver site. Like, for example, “special effects” of horror webcomic. Not to say that on pages with text not in the bubble, frame’s edges can block some important view or even ruin scenery. Small chance, but it’s here nonetheless.

  27. Is it possible to use the English overlay method like how Oddsquad Scanlations is doing with the webtoon Cheese in the Trap on Naver

  28. I’d suggest/plead for doing the overlay as well. That way, everyone has to visit the official site, and it seems the authors don’t have complaints that way (at least, CITT’s author doesn’t, who objected to regular scanlations). TOG is too glorious to have to read such substandard scanlations.

    And maybe to make it super secret you could only announce it through IRC–!!

    In any case, I offer an extremely, extremely belated thanks for all that you’ve done *w*

  29. Do you think they might react to an open letter by hiring better translators or proofreaders?
    Or more generally, an open letter signed by some of your readership (I imagine more people than those who commented here read it regularly) asking to continue your work in some form, possibly with that overlay.
    Ideally, I would suggest you ask them to hire you (and your english-speaking reader community by extension) to do the translations for them, but that may be difficult on both counts – suddenly doing it for money would change your group dynamics, and they might not accept for all manner of reasons, even if you offered it for free.
    Either way, if you need some signatures, just ask.^^

  30. Too bad about that… I’m still not exactly sure as to why most manga/manhwa companies can’t find a way to collaborate with scanlators, as they’re often doing a superior job to the official translations and they’re doing it for free as well. But then, I’m no businessperson, so what do I know…

    I’m not that familiar with scripts and overlays and so on, but if it’s similar to what Oddsquad Scanlation is doing with “Cheese in the Trap”, I’m all for it!

    Anyway, you have my support.

  31. I agree with Illienne. The manga/manhwa/webtoon companies always seem the hold some sort of animosity towards scantlators, but if they work together and come to some sort of understanding wouldn’t that solve many problems. Especially, with relation to the new naver line where the official translations and website are horrendous and don’t appeal to foreign audiences in the least.
    In the first place, didn’t scanlators bring the webtoon scene to foreigners for free, just from their selfless love for them. Now naver is paying someone to horridly translate these webtoons, where there is already almost perfect translations from scanlators available. If someone could contact them perhaps, and tell them that they can use their translations, because they are so overjoyed that their hard work will be able to benefit the authors. This would make it so that there would be no need for unwanted competition, because I don’t think scanlators want that and if there work was offical in some way wouldn’t that feel really good somehow? Naver probably would’ve never made naver line or even had that webtoon meet up in Germany without knowing that there was a market there, which scanlators gave them.
    There are probably other ways than what I proposed, to go about amiable coexistence and/or working together, as it would be beneficial to both parties and be a solution to many problems; so I hope that it can happen someday.
    Whatever the future may bring, I hope that you guys know that your hard work has been tremendously appreciated and we’re routing for you.
    On another note, I hope that in the meantime you guys continue with script overlays without running into trouble.

  32. The funny thing is that after many weeks of no releases here, my meth addict like addiction to the manhwas on naver has faded away to almost nothing.

  33. Ouch… please continue with the script releases, or whatever method you find preferrable!

  34. sorry to ask this !! but can’t u guys show them their translation is bad (and too slow). at least they can pay u guys to host the ch u already released :(may be i should quit reading webtoons:( i was happy with the news of their “official website” now i hope it gets shutdown :<

  35. Just release only through IRC. That way, it can’t be said you’re making money from it at all, as there are no ads on IRC.

    That’s what the group translating Sankarea did when they got told to stop.

  36. Thank you very much for all that you have done for us! It is unfortunate that Naver started to start translating Kubera too late in time. They are about 200 chapters behind (and if there are 52 weeks in a year, it would literally take them 4 years to complete the translations up to the most current now)…

    I am quite sure that we will appreciate any type of release or translation, whether it be scripts (which I believe Oddsquad Translations are doing), summaries, or even just translations (and not scanlations with all the editing, such as Sura’s Place).

    And what I mean by that is this example:

    Of course, it is up to your team, but once again, thank you very much for what you have done for us! (But darn it, they had to stop you guys right before those interesting chapters…)

    I hope that we will hear from you soon!

  37. please continue with the script releases (or that overlay thing you talked about, which would be even better) if you can.
    Official translations are not as good as yours, and they will take too much time to catch up with the most recent chapters…

  38. Thank you for all your work until now

    And also, it would be amazing if you do script releases

  39. Yes. Thank you so much for all of your group’s work. Please…script releases would totally help those of us whom are feening for updates.

  40. Please, do the overlay thing (or at least the scripts)!

    Your work is great!
    Thanks a lot.

  41. I love you guys for all your hard work, and fantastic scanlations.
    to be completely honest if you stop scanlating (in all forms, i agree anything you do to continue this would be amazing, even if you just make a mailing list and send it directly to our emails)… I probably won’t follow the series any more, because the time it will take for the “official” english versions to catch up would be so tremendous it would just be a shame, also i associate you with these webtoons just as much as the author because you both have a hand in the english version.

    Regardless of what happens, I would just like to thank you for all your hard work in the past and i would like to wish you all the best fortune in your future endeavors, from a loyal fan of both you and Kubera/Tower of god

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