2.61: 30F – The Workshop Battle -One Shot, One Opportunity- (04)


Hello. Well we’ve had Saturday releases for quite a few weeks in a row now to great sadness for me. Truth is, we have no cleaner right now. mhh was our backup cleaner, but now he’s not available and so I (grumpy) the backup backup cleaner is doing the cleaning. For next week’s instead of seeing if anyone else is available, I’m just going to get to cleaning right away since I know there’s no one else. If I’m going to put in the hours, might as well put it in early. Yes, we need cleaner(s), a skilled one. ToG is rather hard (comparatively) and numerous in cleans — a double whammy. And I’m particularly looking for someone who’s fast. Not because we need it immediately, but if you find yourself spending 20+hrs just to clean, you are probably going to quit soon from exhaustion.

Oh and… sorry for sub-usual quality cleaning job. Did it in bit of a rush.


~ GoDai, Trebor, Grumpy, CrazyRed ~

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Chapter 58 
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  1. Thank you very much for your hard work.

    While I would like to read the chapter as early as possible I don’t think that releasing on Saturday should be such a terrible thing, especially considering the current situation with the cleaning. All in all I wait 1 week to read a new chapter anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal.

    Your efforts and the quality of your releases are very appreciated by the fans! Keep it up!

  2. Thank You!

    No matter which day you release it on, releases are still only one week apart.

  3. As always, thank you very very much for your translations!

    As I cannot speak or write a word of Korean, may I beg that you contact the creator and plead for a break to be taken until the wrist in question returns to absolute full health? I love reading this frequently/regularly, but it is terrifying to read repeated notes about the worsening state of the wrist without absolute steps being taken in resposne.

    A horrible part of ‘Piano no Mori’ particularly comes to mind, in which a beginning pianist pushes her hands without respite despite mounting pain to the point that they’re almost permanently ruined by the time someone else notices and stages an intervention.

    I would like to read this entire series to its end, definitely, and for that the creator’s physical health is an important aspect. If each week the wrist condition is worsening, not improving, then steps need to be taken so that there is gradual improvement instead of gradual degradation. There are lines which cannot be returned over once crossed.

    Please. Contact directly and impress upon the creator the importance of this, for the sake of all entities involved (creator, readers, the work itself). You are the only ones I can ask.

  4. Thanks for the chapter guys!
    (by the way, i didn’t know clouds made “cloud” sound effects).
    I know you guys are working very late and that this was a very rushed job. But that part just seriously made me LOL.

  5. Thanks for the chapter!

    Can someone explain what exactly the job of a cleaner is? And what is needed to do the job effectively?

    1. The easy part is removing all the texts in the white bubbles.

      The hard part is redrawing the pictures to cover up the sound effects in Korean, so the typsetters can stick an English one over the area instead. This is probably the part that takes nearly all the time.

      To do that, you need an image program like Photoshop, and enough drawing skills to not screw up.

  6. No need to apologize about the cleaning. Although this is my first time commenting, I have been reading your translations from day one. Like everyone else, I thank you for your services.

    I wish you luck in finding a skilled cleaner.

  7. I’ve been considering for a while now whether or not to apply to help out with releases. I didn’t because I thought I may not be needed, and if I am, I’d be working with stuff I didn’t actually read/like. But since it’s ToG, I can be a cleaner. Exactly how can I apply to become one?

  8. When’s the next chapter coming out? The raws have been floating around since sunday if not earlier. Mangacow gets their done the day of without cleaning sound affects, so, while I understand that it takes time and isn’t easy, does cleaning really take a whole week? Because from what I can tell, it should be ready for release the day or the day after it is done being cleaned. ToG has a huge fanbase, can you really not find more cleaners? Anyways, keep up the good work, and I hope to see the next chapter soon.

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