Tower of God: Season 2 Ch. 59 – 30F – One Shot, One Opportunity (02)


If my name (Grumpy) appears in creds more than once, you may have noticed it’s late. It’s also a sign of me subbing in at last minute. 🙁
Extra thanks to amy & ari for subbing in too. ~Grumpy

~ GoDai, Trebor, mhh, Amy, Grumpy, Ariadne ~

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Chapter 58 
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  1. Tower of God manages to release consistently before the next Raw comes out, and that’s cool enough. Many series are behind their raws, so thanks for your hard work! B)

    1. They only each have one shot, because of this it puts them at a disadvantage, they cannot simply shoot themselves to the next floor, and instead have to risk their only shot to kill their opponents.

  2. thx guys!

    But your frigging “human verification” to add a comment just bloody sucks. It just doesn’t work right and it’s infuriating to go through this hell everytime I want to praise u guys for your dedicated scanlation work

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