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  1. thanks a looooooooot for giving me another reason to procrastinate on homeworks 😀 i’ve been waiting for this forever, good work the company!

    hehe thank you guys soooo much <3
    i've been refreshing every hour for this ^^
    Kubera is seriously at a high point a the moment.

  3. Thank you so much for Kubera: “Seson” 2, Chapter 36! I’ve been waiting all week.

    1. Haha oops, thanks for catching that. Fixed.

      I guess that’s what happens when I release chapters while sleep-deprived. 😛
      Typos ahoy!

      1. Happens to the best of us. Thank you for doing an awesome job with the translations! Typos ahoy!

  4. Yuta is so awesome. :3
    He just touch it and BAM. The wooden blocks is broken.

    p/s: Thank you,~~ Rin, Trebor, Mhh, Fembot ~~

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