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  1. Aww yeah! Two series released in close succession. Awesome, and thanks! 😀 Heheh, funny chapter.

  2. Typical Baam always ending up somewhere he shouldn’t be.

    Thanks for the work as always.

  3. you guys always release it a few days later than other websites, but i originally read them here so i always come back to re-read them anyway <3

  4. As i’ve just found you guys (scary isnt it :s) (i mean i’ve been reading ToG since first chapter was scanned) i’d just like to thank you guys for your work on this, all the previous and all the chapters to come 😀

  5. Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and superb translations! Hopefully Baam will find some happiness soon or else I might literally chop my laptop apart 😀

    … And does anyone find it weird that no one actually ever dies? Shinsoo attacks mustn’t be too strong. Painful yes, but seems like the people who actually get hurt are from real knives or poison

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