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  1. Yuta-ajussi? You mean Yuta-dirty-old-man? 😛 Careful, he interprets things very loosely when he’s hungry. xD
    Yay! New chapter and new arc! Thank you! 😀
    Poor Leez never gets a break. xD

    1. Hahaha! Poor Yuta’s never going to live that down. Dirty old man, indeed. 😛

      And I know, right? Gotta feel bad for Leez, it’s like whenever she thinks she’s getting a good deal, she probably isn’t. xD

      1. He sits beside you, not doing anything all day long, then he sneaks in through the window when you sleep. If he weren’t so cute, he’d be creepy. :S But he is so cute. <3

        Leez problems seem to grow exponentially. First she just had to read one book, then it's three extra courses, all of which likely requires extra preliminary courses too. I wonder if Leez will be forced to read Asha's "Topology is really easy," and what face she'll make then. Trollol!

  2. Is it just me or Yuta seem getting taller? Hmm~
    LOL! Ran! You’re sly not telling Leez about the Bhavati Kubera’s book. Even Ran is not good in Topology, I wonder how Leez read the book after chapter 7.

    By the way..thanks a heap,~ Rin, Trebor, Mhh, Fembot ~ XD. Arigatou!!

    1. If you look closely, you’ll see that in chapter 58, Ran was reading Intermediate Level Topology by the same publisher. 😉 So that publisher is basically scamming students into buying more of their books, lol! And that’s the course that Ran had been failing at year after year after year. Ouch!

      So poor Leez may have no choice but to pick up either that or the other alternative: Topology is Really Easy. By Asha Rahiro (Chapter 50). Who probably wrote that when she was Leez’ age. X”D (Asha is 20 now, and disappeared back then for 3 years, so she must have written it in the one year she worked after she graduated at Leez’ age)

  3. That poor little half almost became a Yuta snack!!!!

    Looking foreword to the arc thanks for the work as always.

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