Tower of God: Season 2 Ch. 50 – 28F – The Devil of the Right Arm (09)


That didn’t turn out the way I hoped it would… ~ mhh

This week we can also add a name (or rather numbers… lol) that has never been here before to credits: 101010, who helped out TSing. Thanks, 101010!

We also managed to coax Skyrunner into doing a live translation for us right when the chapter came out! 🙂

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Chapter 50
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18 Responses

  1. Oh my God! [/bad pun]
    Wow, all the releases are early this week! Thank you very much! 😀 Xiaxia is one crazy little b*tch! D:

  2. OMG!!! Thanks for the chap!!!
    Ohh godddd…. the last sceneeeeee…. I want to see what happend….

    Don’t understand very well what want the crazy chick, but I thinks that is just me, my bad english, and that is 02:00 AM lol
    Good nighttt

  3. It’s actually preety funny that they FUG keeps refering to Bamm as “their God” while manipulating and forcefully keeping him away from his friends…(shouldn’t gods be treated nicely?)

    1. “God” is as much a symbol as a person. Or even more. And viewed with certain expectations and, how should i say, seen through rose-colored (in this case “blood-colored”) glasses. Of course, Baam revered and should he want someone dead, for example, FUG provide him with their service gladly, but his requests and actions would be interpretated only through prism of his position as Slayer candidate.

      In this chapter “Rabbit Ears” was obviously thrilled by his readiness to kill (meaning that he really on the path to become slayer) and apparently decided to help him walk this path. Typical example of religious zealotry.

      1. I think it’s supposed to be silent. Usually translators can tell how the name is supposed to be pronounces or get at least quite close to it. Spelling differences in C/K or R/L are something else.

        1. Well, I was speaking based on the previous description, where it was said that the name was after a argentina futbol player or something similar and that guy lastname was Agüero, in such case that U would not be silent since it uses spanish grammar rules.

          In spanish “gue” would be the same as the english “ge”, and “güe” would be something like “gwe”, I hope you understood that 😛

          Of course, I don’t speak korean so I don’t really know what the author wrote, nor what he intented to wrote either, but maybe this’ll be of some use 😛

  4. On a different note, maybe the highlighting of the lightbearer/wave controller combo pairing is a prelude to a Koon/Baam fighting duo? /goosebumps

  5. Gahhhh, another cliffhanger. Next week cant come soon enough.

    Thanks for the release!

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