Tower of God: Season 2 Ch. 40 – 29F – Connection (02)

Skipped trebor today. lol
Don’t taze me grammar nazi’s out there if we didn’t use an em dash where necessary.




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Season 2, Ch 40

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  1. Mentally unstable fire user vs. obsessive tsundere good for nothing hellion. Looking forward to it. xDDDD

  2. Honestly, you should probably stick with “room” – it makes more sense in English (the mathematical concepts worked really well) and is already deeply ingrained in the fanbase.

    It doesn’t need to be a direct literal translation, especially with how words can have multiple meanings that are impossible to convey in English.

    1. That’s what we thought too, but SIU put the hanja for it on the his blog, and it does sorta mean “bang”.

      1. I’m going to think of it as “shinsoo release”. It sounds better to me to say “triple release” instead of “three bangs”.

      2. Even tough he put it up in his blog, it kinda sucks. I for my part mentally changed it back to room while I read it.

        Please stick with room again, it just makes more sense and is easier to read.

        p.s.: Thanks for the new chapter guys!

  3. ARGGGHHH!!!!!! There are so many spelling errors! If you guys weren’t so awesome, I would be correcting you. Why are you guys so awesome!!!

    Also, retarded Blitz family??? XD

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