Tower of God: Season 2 Ch. 39 – 29F – Connection (01)

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Enjoy this next chapter of ToG (The epic continuation of the prologue!) -Trebor

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Season 2, Ch 39

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, but what the heck with “Twenty-fifth Night”? Isn’t Koon asking about Baam?

        1. Even if “Baam” means “night”, the proper name shouldn’t be translated, should it?

          1. It’s like if we had a girl named Hope. It could be someone asking, “What of hope?” and getting the reply “She is alive.”

            That Baam has a double meaning in his name (both Night and Chestnut) doesn’t change the fact that a noun can be asked for and the person be mentioned in the reply. Also recall that some nomencultures have the names be a lot more obvious about their roots than generally happens in the cultures that evolved out of Europe and the ones directly related to said cultures. Easier to do the wordplay on the deeper meaning of a name if that deeper meaning is more obvious to the audience.

    1. In Korean, Baam is the word for night so ‘Twenty-fifth Night’ is the direct translation. Baam almost means chestnut iirc.

  2. Thanks for the release

    Is it me or is there some text cut off at the bottom of the chapter afterword (both in the download and online at batoto?

  3. I updated the links because of some issues we had with the chapter. There were no text edits in the update.

  4. Must be because im finnish, but I was so confused about this Jääskel guy, why name him after Jussi Jääskeläinen 😀
    Well author likes football I know. 🙂

    And cant wait it when Baam enter the tournament with others

  5. Actually, that app isn’t called ShimShimEe in English. It’s called SimSimi according to its creators. But anyways, thanks for the release!

  6. Damn, you barely released the 39th chap yesterday, and today the 40th chap is already posted by some other group.. I am torn and tormented! I want to read the next chapter, but I also like the company :<

  7. As late as ever… i´m happy the other group does it so fast, i thinkt thcmpny is very obsolete the last times

  8. Yeah mangapirates translations were bad at first but they are getting better so that its not much different from thcmpny. Part of the reason why is that they were bad at first was that they unfamilar with the terminology. The only difference now is that it is still not in one long panel like it should be. (Honestly the ending translation of 25ththe night is something id expect from mangapirate and not thcmpny. Don’t know what you were thinking there. Everyone knows Baam means night/chestnut why change it to its actuall translation all of a suden? If you decided to do that you should have at least put asterics saying night=baam and that would have avoided half the complaints)

    1. do u like to be stupid? do u enjoy ur narrow mindiness? its obvy to anyone who read ToG that baam means night. only stupid peaple need asterics saying so. the whole point was that it was about actual night to anyone who didn’t know about baam. comn ppl, get a grip.

      1. You obviously have no idea what this arguements even about. Yes youi right that most everyone knows Baam=Night. The whole point is that the translation to night isnt even needed. Its like if they randomly translated to Ichigo in bleach as Straberry in the middle of a chapter. We don’t need to know the translation more than once. So why did do it here? There are some readers who dont read chapters in order or just look at one chapter in the series. Wouldn’t it be confusing if one character was using 3 different names like Baam is. Or if all the characters used 2 names. Thats why asterics would be necessary and would avoid this conflict. People obviosuly wouldnt be complaining if it werent an issue so stop acting like its not just cause you think you are smart. Efficiency beats knowledge hands down.

        1. imagine a character who writes to a random chatbot a phrase “sixty five fall” without any context and gets in return “she’s well and lives in Minnesota”.
          the only way this situation is perceived by characters and readers as mind blowing is if translators keep using “night” and not “baam”. any asterisk with exposition would be pointless because it would keep readers from using they own mind which was obviously authors intention in this case.

          1. It is still mindblowing even if the Baam was used instead of night because everyone knows that Baam is suppose to be dead. While using 25th Night does add another element to it of how did the computer know the context, In this world their are many characters with crazy names and psnedunims THAT ARE ALL RECORDED. So it is not that surpising that the computer would have a system knowing all the peoples Regulars and Rankers Name seeing as how the tournaments and games have the contestants names on the screens(Baams name was recorded). Remember how Lero was able to find out the identity of the Koon videogame player just by looking it up on his pocket. It clearly shows that its not that hard to figure out somebodys identity after entering data about them. So of course any decent computer program is going to assume 25th Night is referingthe to the regular Baam because Baam is already in this system, and information about a person is most important. Therefore, this might not be the authors intention but the Translators intention in which case an astric would be needed. Because in another translation of this chapter they did not use 25th night so they saw no authorial intention. This could have been translator intention.

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