Space China Dress – Ch4 (Webtoon)

Well, I suppose this had a bit of a break. Time to return! Hehe. We’ll be releasing them in as a joint operation with a Russian group, Rikudou-Sennin Clan (who will be announcing their own Russian release).

Please visit the raws (right below link) on Naver to help the author.

Raw: Naver

Space China Dress English
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Chapter 4

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  1. Yay! It’s back again! This series is really funny. xD So thanks for starting on this again. Haha, I don’t know for what to feel more sorry about for Liang: the fact that Chaoming had a misunderstanding about him, or the fact that she considers him the “embodiment of abstinence” (if I were a guy, I’d Seriously not want to be considered that D: )

  2. I am a Brazilian and scanlator will use your work to disclose it in Brazil. But that quote was taken from the site. Well liked this Manhwa. ^ ^

  3. I can help in cleaning speeches Space China Dress, because I am interested in launches it here in Brazil. And as I’m editor nisekoi in my country, I would also help you in this project. If they wish to contact me send an email to: If they can at least use a translator of English to Portuguese in the email and let me know what are the scan.

  4. Just wondering: As the print version was dropped, is there actually a difference between the print version and the webtoon?
    (Because I believe the scanlated print version, before it got removed, was up to this point – well a bit further actually and identical).

  5. ah btw. thanks for scanlating this project. It seems to be quite interesting and funny.

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