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  1. sooooooooo… is it urek or not??? aaaahhh!!!! i want to know!!!
    Iwas pretty sure that he wasn’t, since it’s still early for one of the top 4 of the tower to appear… but now he said that he’s one of the most powerful beings in the tower so…

    1. i think he’s the number 9 ranker baekryun because urek isn’t a wave controler, thanks the company for this chapter

      1. SIU claims in his afterword that hes “an idiot among idiots” that doesnt sound like Baekryun who learned to control shinsoo by meditating in the woods. Also claiming about himself to be one of the most powerful beings in the tower seems to fit Urek more. In addition he has Mazino tattooed on his back, why should he tattoo someone elses name on his back? : /

        To sum it up I’m 99% sure its Urek

        1. No many people cocky enough to Tatoo there own name onto their back. Many people tatoo others name’s onto there back like if they revere or admire them.
          It wasn’t until he said “I’m one of the strongest beings in the tower” that it became more likely that it is Mazino. But even so he is one cocky SOB to tatoo his own name onto himself.

      2. Ureks battle style is firing shinsoo as fast a light and that guys personality seems as descried to of course i could just be a bait and switch but i think it is mazino.

    2. definetly urek guys, in the next chapter he clearly says that he wants to escape the tower, also he mentions yuri.

  2. Wonder if Baam’s shinsoo resistance applies vs another irregular… It shouldn’t make a difference who’s using it, but you never know.

  3. wow first mission steal flower form one of the most powerful being in the whole tower. bam or viole sure have tough. i think he is an irregular or the first slayer.

  4. damn cliffhanger.. tnx for a great chapter guys, can’t wait for the next release.. another week in agony, waiting is killing me..

  5. Thanks for the chapter, once again the translation was so much better than the ones of the pirate scum. Keep up the good work =)

  6. Awesome, thanks for the chapter! I was waiting for your update, it comes out a bit later but the quality is much better.

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