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  1. i’m not a fan of his art, i think that the story is the strong pillar that keeps Kubera going.

    1. You don’t like the art? I like how expressive it is. I’m not criticising your opinion, I’m just genuinely surprised. 😮


      1. Well you know… it’s just not that detailed… i know that currygom doesn’t have assistants slaving away to draw backgrounds and other stuff, so i don’t complain.

  2. Wow, that was a beautiful preview. I especially liked the last line.
    I love her art work now, I think Leez got prettier ( yellow just wasn’t her colour lol) The story developing in such an interesting way, I’m really looking forward to what will happen from now on.

    Thank you so much:D

  3. Thank you!! Kubera is a great story and I love the art! Second send is going to be darker and more intense!

  4. [spoilers to this preview]
    I hope the one who said “It is my victory, Kubera” is the green-haired-girl-Kubera and not the Kid/Guy-real-soon-to-have-no-place-among-the-gods-goldy-kubera… my head hurts.

    I also hope that the one who will cry won’t be Agni, because if he does… that means you-know-who is dead…

  5. Also I just made a profile so that angry-looking-face-diamond-shaped-thingy was how I entered posts till now…

    Anyway I just wanted to say “hello” as an official “The Company” frequant visiter/lurker (or do we have a better title?).

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