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  1. Last!!…Damn… you jerks beat me to it

    Thanks for the chapter, Chicky looks delicious! ^_^

  2. Thank god, I’m not the only one that’s glad that she’s still ugly. Would’ve been so mad if she was suddenly beautiful.

  3. She aint that ugly. Hell if I meet a girl like her I wouldn’t mind going out with her. That is only true if she looked like that. Given how much of an asshole she is that changes everything.

  4. This… this arc is going to be stressful. Very, very stressful. Just a feeling.

    Also, how dumb can Rachel really be? If you claim you’re crippled, don’t do a bloody jig the moment people leave your sight.

    1. Well we know its not the jig in this chapter that raised their suspensions. It was more their confirmation. I’m more interested to find out what raised their suspensions initially and how long it took for them notice.
      I’m guessing it was something less subtle that got her caught and that this jig is not as stupid as it looks because Rachel has no reason to suspect that they know anything.

  5. Thanks <3
    Btw: it seems "Androssi" is spelled "Androssii" in the "Princess Androssii? The one from the E-level tournament finals?" bubble.

  6. I might be just overthinking, but don’t start hateing Rachel just yet.
    I’m not sure that we know the whole deal between the first floor guardian and Ms. freckles (Rachel). I clearly remember that Siu said ther will be a plot twist. Maybe there is more to behind that push than just climbing the tower, a lot of people made sure that everyone would think Baam is dead.

  7. Hahahahahaha. At last, they have noticed…!!! Let’s cut to the chase and show us rachel dying~~~~

  8. Rachel is SIU’s favorite character for a reason. So I guess there’s something to her whole betrayal thing.

    I guess there is more to her and Headon’s deal that we are yet to know. this is really something I would like to know as well. I’m not sure if he did it purely for entertainment’s sake though.

    If what I’ve read is right, this should be a long arc. I hope a lot of answers will be given to our questions.

    But SIU is one of the biggest troll ever so who knows what will happen.

    1. Yeah its funny how Rachel is SIU’s favorite character and Koon is SIU’s least favorite when its the exact opposite for fans. Maybe its as you say and SIU has plans for Rachel to shine and its just that Koon shines all the time.

      But I’m not sure what you mean how SIU is a troll(besides gender which is no big deal). The plot seems coherent and reasonable thus far…

  9. Quick note: when everyone talks about Androssi, Edin says how they can travel with ANAK. Is that correct? Or is is just a mistype?

    1. Its probably that Androssi is now traveling with Anak. She implied before that she wanted to climb up the tower with Anak. My guess is that she and Konn “traded” Rachel for Anak. I mean trade because I think I remember it being that only two people can become Rankers at a time. Not sure though.

      Koon asks Ship “How are those two” he probably means Anak and Hatsu since those three were a team so its likely Anak, Hatsu, Androssi and Ship are together. “Those two” could also mean just Anak and Androssi but its still likely they are all together cause the regular mentions Hatsu.

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