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  1. Cumpeerrrraaaa! Thank you! I’ve been hoping to read this chapter for a long time! 😀

  2. YAY!!!! Also, don’t let those pricks at mangapirate get you worried. You guys are #1 when it comes to TOG, so don’t be worried about losing loyal fans!

    1. I think she was always smart but she’s a kid and really carefree so she often acts stupid because she’s so blissfully ignorant of the outside world (and for comedic purposes, let’s face it…). Also we saw that she’s starting to absorb the characteristic of a god, which could mean his intelligence and “insight” too.

  3. THX. A great Chapter.

    So now we know that Kubera tricked and killed Ananta and somehow lost his name…a curse, revenge? Yey I wonder if it concerns only Kubera or maybe somehow all other gods.

  4. Thank you for the chapter!! Aggg, I never have enough of reading Kubera!! 😀

    @andva: Yeah, I also think it’s a curse for killing Ananta…

  5. Thanks for the chapter!
    It`s a miracle that I remained at my chair, when I saw god Kubera in his adult form in that bath ring. xDDD

  6. You guys are the best!!!

    Also who gets the feeling that he might not be the bad person he seemd to be until now?

    1. well,that could be,that kubera wasn’t a bad person originally,but what he’s doing now is bad,I think…he’s doing some shady business…he’s tricking everyone and such things…so still,I don’t like him.and in the insights Leez always says bad things to him and seems to hate him,so he did (or will do) sth bad to Leez too :/

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