Tower of God: Season 2 Ch 22 – 20F – Epilogue

End of this arc, and SIU is taking a one week break. So we’ll see you then.

Also, this marks the debut of our new translator GoDai who will be helping us on ToG. Welcome to the team, GoDai.

– Chestnut, GoDai, Niiw, mhh, CrazyRed98, Trebor, Grumpy-

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Season 2, Ch 22

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  1. I knew there was an advantage to staying up past 2am, outside of the July 7th Twilight Zone marathon! It might be the sleep deprivation, but I have no words to express my anticipation for how the plot threads will move. I doubt it’s going to be as simple and direct as it can be read, SIU’s subtlety is something to be feared.

    …Also, wondering how many arcs it will take Yeon to drink from a can again, and if she’ll ever take one from someone, and who.

  2. Awesome. Well done. Tick V.G. CAN’T WAIT FOLR THE NEXT ONE! seriously I’ve got Can’t-wait-for-the-next-ToG-chapter disease. It’s fatal. Anyway wonder what koon will do upon hearing this?

  3. Oh hey, I just realized the ‘Prince’ could be either Wangnan or Mafia-Prince. Ambiguity is good for a story.

  4. Yeah, Wangnan would like to think he tricked Viole. But I mean, come’on guys we know Viole let him now. Especially because it was all part of Gusgus’s plan to pass the Prince so Viole would have had to take a team up. I was hoping Wangnan would have questioned Viole for allowing them to pass.

    1. Actually never mind. Did you see how Akraptor was sipping dat drink? SIU’s definitely doing some foreshadowing here although he said he hates it. While Wangnan is stupid enough to believe he tricked Viole, Akraptor doesn’t seem so. He’s definitely gonna be like “Viole why u pass us? Prince? Who dat?”

      1. I interpreted that as Akraptor realizing that Wangnan is fully capable of doing whatever it takes to get what he desires, and making a note to keep an eye on/watch out for him. Looking at his interactions with that many-ringed woman, he seems to have issues with manipulators.

        1. I just wonder if everyone is on going to be on the same page as Wangnan in trying to change the Tower. I feel like Akraptor and Horang might end up doing all of the dirty work while Wangnan tries to forgive everyone…

  5. So it seems confirmed Yu Han Sung is a FUG member. Does Baam know he manipulated him into becoming FUG and basically set it up so that Lahel would betray him? Perhaps Baam doesn’t care because thanks to Yu Han he got to see Lahel’s true colors.
    What happened to Koon’s blue bandana? Is he still wearing it? I wonder if he’s as strong as a ranker now?

  6. Awesome. Thx you.

    Look like the season 1 guy has become pretentious (or was it all planned!)

  7. Hey, since SIU, is on break, that means you guys can translate the Maplestory X TOG, right?
    Or the TOG interview where Yuri and the Wingtree interview the regulars.

  8. I had such respect for Love but then… spicy chicken?! Ugh.XP

    Thx for ch 22. Thanks to TC, its like Xmas in July for mediocre kids like us. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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