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  1. Daang when will they actually tell us what the all the fuss is about with the power of the name ! I’m thinking it’s something like a prophecy about Leez Kubera killing Garuda, but then it’s a self fulfilling prophecy, since there’s no way she’d try to kill him if he didnt destroy her village. Also i think this is the first time we see Kalavinka !

  2. thank you so much for the super fast updates! you have no idea how grateful i am! I love this series and you guys rock!

  3. The name of this webcomic is Kubera, not “Agni and friends”, its annoying that she isn’t there half of the time even though its supposed to be her story.

    You can say she isn’t very interesting now but in some chapters when a god sees her future you can tell she will be a badass. yet the auther keeps writing only on other characters.

    Am I the only one annoyed because of that? (its not that I dislike Agni, the oracle or that green-haired-ice-demon-god-thingy but I would like a story that focuses on Kubera and her growth as a Character).

    1. Hang in there, she comes back next chapter. 😮 Well, I guess that was a spoiler? Barely one though…

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