Tower of God, Prelude (NEW)

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New manhwa~~ Tower of God by SIU

Please use the read online option by if you wish to read it in the way it was meant to be read.

Scanlation English
Read Online Batoto

Hello everyone. I thought I’d translate a web toon this time (aka web comic). Web toons are typically free and are displayed in a one LONG strip.

But to cater the formats by online manga readers, I’ve sliced it up where the manhwa would allow. This did cause some non-uniform cuts, but not much I can do.

Official publication:

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  1. Thanks a lot! I’ll give it a go!
    Btw, you propose to use the read online option to get the real way how it was supposed to be read. Why cut the pages up for downloading? why not keep them the long way? Just curious ^^

    1. I was actually thinking of that exactly that… leave it in one big ass 20k pixel high picture. lol but I figured it’s just a little easier for me to make one archive for both uploading and downloading. 😛

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